This Rooftop Go-Kart Track Will Bring Out Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie

The track space is 80,000 square feet big, and the track is 350 metres long!

Cover image via (Instagram)

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If you have an adrenaline rush you need to kick, do so in the clouds with some fast, fast go-karts

Image via Kart Hauz

Kart Hauz is Penang's first ever rooftop go-kart track, so you can live out your Fast & Furious fantasies while sailing through open skies.

Opened in January 2022, the creators of Kart Hauz intend for their epic course to help nurture new motor racing talent, and encourage adventurous pursuits while assuring safety.

Image via Kart Hauz
Image via Kart Hauz
Image via Kart Hauz

The track is 350 metres long, and has 11 varying curves and twists, to test your limits and challenge your endurance.

Three different sodikarts are available for the race: the adult kart, child kart, and the newest edition, the two-seater family kart

With 20 different karts that vary in design and layout, bring your kids for a spin around the track for a day of fun in the sun, or to stir up some nighttime antics!

While the go-karts run on a 270 cubic centimetre engine capacity, all of them operate between 40 to 50km/h.

Image via Kart Hauz
Image via Kart Hauz
Image via Kart Hauz

If you just wanna come to watch your friends, head on to the viewing deck and get a front-row seat to the action

But if you're the competitive type that wants to one-up the rest of the competition, race your heart out, and you may even make it on their monthly leader board.

Image via Kart Hauz

Here are some patrons gunning for those top-ranking positions:

Ticket prices are as follows:

Family Kart (Two-seater) - One game (10 minutes), RM100

Adult Kart 
- One game (10 minutes) - RM50
- Two games (20 minutes) - RM100
- Three games (30 minutes) - RM140

Child Kart
- One game (10 minutes) - RM35
- Two games (20 minutes) - RM70
- Three games (30 minutes) - RM100

According to the establishment, there is no minimum height or age requirement. However, there is a strict attire regulation you must abide by if you want to partake in the race.

You must wear covered shoes for the race, and loose clothing items are not allowed. Kart Hauz also advises potential patrons to bring their own helmets and gloves.

Nonetheless, you can also rent a helmet for free, and purchase a pair of gloves for RM3 if you don't bring any.

Here's where you can find Kart Hauz:

Image via Kart Hauz

Level 6, Design Village Penang Mall,
733, Jalan Cassia Barat 2,
14110 Bandar Cassia, Penang.

Operating hours:
3pm-11pm (Daily).

Contact number:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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