This Untouched Sarawakian Jungle Paradise Looks Like A Scene Out Of 'Jurassic World'

There are four waterfalls too!

Cover image via Sarawak Tourism Board & Aizaharwani MJ (Provided to SAYS)

If you're looking to fulfil that sense of wanderlust, a day in this jungle paradise might be just what you need

Stretched between Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesia, is Bengoh Range - an untouched mountainous landscape with some of the best views

Many adventure-seekers have flocked to the site in search of the lush forest trails and hidden waterfalls

A 30-minute boat ride from Bengoh Dam Jetty will lead you right to the trailhead where you can begin your trek.

Along the way, you can enjoy the sight of serene and crystal clear waters. 

Bengoh Dam itself is a freshwater reservoir that supplies clean water to Kuching residents, with plans to reach two million people by 2030, according to SarawakView

Pathways seamlessly weave through the thick underbrush of the forest, with tall bamboo plants flanking the sides

The trails have been naturally carved out of the surrounding flora. You'll find yourself crossing bridges and climbing up ladders made out of bamboo. 

On your way up, you can even treat yourself to a refreshing dip in one of four waterfalls

As the hike could take up to four hours, you could opt to stop by Curtain, Koring, Pe'an, or Susung waterfalls. 

According to avid traveller Aizaharwani MJ, "The view is stunning, it's breathtaking, and untouched by human hands just like a scene from Jurassic World." 

Local villagers can guide you to the best view of Bengoh Range which is just a short trek behind Kampung Sting

Bengoh Range is home to the Bidayuh people, the collective name for several indigenous groups living in the southern part of Sarawak.

You will need to know a local to gain access to the secluded Kampung Sting, sometimes called the 'Village above the clouds'.

But not to fret! It only costs RM40 for the boat ride and to hire a local guide

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