Getting Married Soon? Know These Things Before Buying Major Appliances For Your Dream Home

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Getting married and finally moving to your own place is one of life's simplest yet greatest adventures you could have!

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But with the excitement also comes the anxiety of planning for a new home. Take note of these 6 things before you start spending:

1. Plan your shopping list to avoid impulse buys

Let's be real; we've all bought something we didn't need just because it looked pretty or it seemed nifty. But if you're going to be shopping for major appliances that will stay with you for years, you'd definitely want to make sure you're making a conscious informed choice, and not an impulse decision that you're going to regret a few months down the road.

Use these questions as a guide to plan your shopping list:
1. What items do I really need?
2. What's my budget?
3. What features are a must-have for me? (For example, eco mode, smart features, mobility, energy saving)
4. Where will I place them in the house?

2. Understand that cheap isn't always better

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Some couples may opt to not buy certain appliances in order to save money. With the rise of launderettes recently, for example, many are starting to forgo washing machines.

Before you drop a major appliance for a perceived cheaper alternative, think about the real costs that are actually involved: Having to step out of the house, the hours it takes to wash and dry your clothes when you could be doing other things, and whether or not the washing machines are hygienic and well-maintained.

In the long run, is it worth it?

3. Stalk your parents’ / future in-laws’ / friends’ appliances

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The best way to know what works well and what doesn't is to check out the range of appliances already owned by the people around you. Get to know their most and least favourite things about the items they own, and if possible, ask if you can give their appliances a try!

Seeing appliances that have been used for a while can also give you a good indication of how well the items handle wear and tear.

4. Keep up on the latest features

With technology advancing at the speed of light these days, you're gonna have to do your research to know what new and improved features would be helpful for you.

For example, did you know the Samsung POWERbot Vacuum Cleaner comes with an on-board camera to accurately map out the areas to vacuum in your home, significantly reducing the amount of blind spots?

Then there's the Samsung AddWash™ Washing Machine, a revolutionary front-loading washing machine that lets you add any forgotten piece of laundry during the cycle itself. Talk about convenience!

5. Think about the nitty gritty details

Let's be real: size matters. Make sure to measure the spaces meant for your appliances before buying anything!

Besides the standard height, width and depth measurements, remember to take note of the spaces surrounding the appliances too so that there's enough space to open and close the doors when needed.

Some product specifications may not include the handles or knobs, so if you're particular about wanting to keep your appliances aligned with your cabinets, it helps to measure the handles and knobs as well.

When planning the space for a fridge, add an extra 2cm, that extra room at the back is needed for ventilation and helps to keep the motor running smoothly.

6. Look out for seasonal deals to score great savings

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No matter what, you're going to have to buy these appliances anyway, so you might as well time your shopping with Malaysia's ever-present sale seasons, especially during festive periods and year-ends!

If you're looking for a complete set of smart consumer electronics and appliances right now, there’s a year-end deal by Samsung that covers some awesome deals for major household appliances.

Here are the deals, sorted by category:

Home entertainment:

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Movie nights will never be the same again with the Samsung SUHD TV and the Quantum Dot Colour quality on its Ultra Slim curved screen. You'll be entitled to up to RM3,000 cash rebate and you'll score a Curved Soundbar for free too; how's that for an awesome deal?

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Complete your home entertainment experience with the Samsung UHD Blu-ray Player. The sleek Ultra Slim player packs a punch with true 4K playback. Bonus: Pick 2 UHD Blu-ray titles for free when you buy the player!

Instant fresh air:

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Keep your living area cool with Samsung's The Triangle Air Conditioners - the unique triangular design is great for quicker air circulation! Take advantage of the Purchase with Purchase promo currently on-going: purchase the AR18JRFSWWKNME model and you'll be entitled to 50% off on selected second models.

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Keep airborne viruses and pollutants at bay with this sleek Samsung Air Purifier, with its 4-step filtration and top-notch Virus Doctor system. Get RM200 rebate with its new promotional price of RM1,549 (original price: RM1,749).


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Equip your kitchen with the Samsung Side-by-side Refrigerator - with its large 540L capacity separated into shelves and drawers to easily keep track of your fresh foods. Get it now for RM2,999 (original price: RM3,729).

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If you're all about the healthy, wholesome meals, you'll love the Samsung Hotblast™ Microwave Oven. Its Hotblast™ Technology provides even heating, reducing cooking time significantly. Get it now for RM2,199 (original price: RM2,499).


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You're in for the ultimate cleaning experience with this high-powered POWERbot Vacuum Cleaner, now with 20 times more powerful suction. The wider 311mm drum brush will catch a wider area, making cleaning a breeze. Get it now for RM3,199 (original price: RM3,499) and get a free gift worth RM109 too!

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Complete your home appliances set with the Samsung AddWash™ Washing Machine. Its Eco Bubble™ technology converts detergent into bubbles for cleaner clothes and better energy efficiency. It comes with a free gift worth RM109.90 too!

It's all about Smart Living ;)

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