3 Things You Can Do To Usher In A Prosperous & Auspicious Year Of The Tiger

To attract better fortune for the fresh new year.

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As we welcome the Year of the Tiger, it makes the perfect time to practice annual traditions and habits that can bring good fortune for an auspicious 2022, right?

Plus, after an eventful 2021, many Malaysians, especially those celebrating CNY, are definitely looking for new ways to usher in an abundance of prosperity and blessings. 

And it's never too early to get started. In fact, the Chinese often begin their customs and rituals at least half a month before CNY eve.

Not sure how to get started? Here are three simple auspicious things you can do:

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1. Buy new clothes that are bright in colour
As we usher in a new year, it's tradition to buy bright new clothes to get good blessings and ward off evil. Plus, according to Lifestyle Asia, this CNY marks the Year of the Water Tiger. It is said that the lucky colours for CNY this year are cerulean blue, fiery red, mint green, and imperial yellow. 

2. Stay up late on CNY eve
This custom is known as 'shou sui' (守岁), which translates to keeping watch over the year. Besides that, it is also believed that staying up late brings longevity to your parents.

3. Clean your house and clear out your clutter before the new year
While the tradition is known as 'sao nian' (扫年), which means sweeping the floor, the significance extends beyond that. It can also be scrubbing windows, dusting furniture, discarding broken and unwanted items, as well as finishing home projects and renovation. All of these are said to help get rid of bad luck from the past year.

There are many auspicious ways to seek fortune, but Tenaga Nasional (TNB)'s short film — Wonder-fú Fortune — highlights a different perspective on where and how we can find true prosperity

Wonder-fú Fortune revolves around Aunty Choi, a kind-hearted woman who is loved and adored by everyone. After more than a year of staying at home due to the MCO, Aunty Choi is looking forward to Chinese New Year, as that's when she'll get to see her family again. <3

However, leading up to the occasion, she finds out that she's been struck with a string of bad luck. Worried that her misfortune would end up affecting her family, she decides not to join the celebrations.

Watch the short film below: 

As Aunty Choi busies herself with prepping for CNY, she starts to experience a series of unfortunate events

Supermarket staff: "Sorry, Aunty!" 

Aunty Choi: "Oh, tak apa.

Unfazed by the string of bad luck, Aunty Choi continues to go about her day, before bumping into a "so-called" fortune teller, who reveals that luck is far from her side

Fortune teller: "But your face, hmm... Your complexion invites misfortune to fall from the sky and to crawl from the ground. Try to think back, has misfortune been following you around lately?"

Not to worry! To 'throw away' the bad luck, the fortune teller has a solution for her — to buy a charm bracelet worth RM1,888 after discount.

Fortune teller: "Place your order today for a special promo price of RM1,888 and enjoy free delivery to your hand."

When unfortunate events continue to take place, Aunty Choi's family decides to show up at her house to help her overturn her bad luck, and the family ended up celebrating Chinese New Year together

Girl: "Aunty, don't worry. We will overturn your bad luck together! Huat ah!"

Realising that all she needs is just support from her loved ones, Aunty Choi smiles to herself and says she is lucky to have them all by her side. Awww, happy ending, yay! <3

Aunty Choi: "How can I be unlucky? I'm so lucky to have all of you."

All in all, TNB wants to remind everyone that true fortune and prosperity come from the bonds we have with our family, and wish all Malaysians celebrating the festive season a Happy Chinese New Year!

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