We Got This Package In The Mail & We Have Absolutely No Idea What To Make Of It

#todayiwill.. what?

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We all like getting surprises in the mail. But this package we received today REALLY caught us by surprise.

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Where do we start? There isn't any branding anywhere on the box.. except a prominent '#todayiwill' in the centre. 

So, what else is there to do except open it? :D

The first thing we saw after opening this mysterious package was a piece of text that said:

"Celebrate being different. Uncover the unexpected. And indulge in the unknown. Your journey begins now."

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Beneath that text was this giant hourglass, along with a numbered note that said:

"Time to start something new. The hourglass symbolises the eternal passage of time. Whilst it is a reminder that time is finite, it also inspires us to make the most of it - to embrace and welcome new beginnings."

That hourglass looks damn  a e s t h e t i c .

The second note contained two plaques that had cryptic messages printed on them. Only, they didn't make any sense when looked at individually.

Admin happens to be a great detective though. We figured out that by placing the two plaques together, a message would form. Turns out, we were invited to some special event, of which we still know NOTHING about. :(

All we got from this message was to meet at a certain location at a certain time on a certain date. That's it. Also, we noticed that there's a missing 'o' in 'Explore'. Strange.

The third note contained two more plaques, but these weren't some mysterious messages. They were physical invitations!

We got this plastic plaque X2. The effort they put in this invite? A++.

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Our parents always taught us not to accept strange invitations from people we don't know. But heck, this is too cool to turn down. 

The note said:

"Life. It isn't measured by the things you own, but by memories and moments. Hook two of your friends up with these invites and go create some truly epic moments."

Again, what the heck is #todayiwill? Today you will what? Sleep? Eat?

Admin needs both.

In the fourth and final note came a 'pledge' of sorts

Nice. Admin wants to keep this dog tag. Thanks! :P

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"Make your pledge and wear it proud."

Can. Dibs on the dog tag. It would make a nice and shiny portable mirror. #todayiwill again? If you have any idea how significant that is, let us know in the comments!

All we know is, we'll be heading to the location given to us on the prescribed date and time. Guess we'll update y'all soon.

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