Tourists Must Bring At Least 15,000 Baht To Avoid Being Denied Entry Into Thailand

That totals RM1,992 cash in hand.

Cover image via Brent Lewin/Bloomberg & Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters

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Tourists planning to visit Thailand need to ensure they have at least 15,000 baht, or RM1,992 in cash before travelling

The Minister Counsellor of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, Dewi Lestari, said that this regulation applies to all foreign tourists travelling to Thailand, according to The Star.

Lestari issued this statement after the embassy received numerous complaints about Indonesia travellers being denied entry into the country.

However, this policy isn't new. Thai authorities have been enforcing this minimum cash requirement for foreign visitors for the past decade or so.

According to the Indonesian embassy, there are a set of requirements that travellers must meet before they can enter Thailand

Firstly, visitors must present their active passport with a minimum validity period of six months, along with proof of a return ticket, and proof of accommodation.

They must also show that they are financially capable for the duration of their stay in Thailand by bringing in sufficient cash into the country.

"Thailand Immigration does not specify an amount, but based on our data, solo travellers are required to bring in 15,000 baht (RM1,992), while those travelling with their families should bring 20,000 baht (RM2,660)," Kosmo Daily quoted Lestari as saying.

Foreign tourists risk being denied entry if they do not have sufficient cash on hand

Failure to comply constitutes a violation of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979) and immigration officers are authorised to stop tourists from entering the country.

The Star reports that immigration officers may conduct random checks, and tourists are advised to comply with these requirements to ensure entry into Thailand.

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