Take A Look At These Gorgeous Yet Affordable Homes By The Sea And By The Hills

Not only do they overlook stunning views, they are investment opportunities you shouldn't miss out on!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Tropicana Journey Collection.

Wouldn't it be amazing to live by the beach or surrounded by the beauty of the highlands?

Imagine sitting by the beach while sipping your worries away, or waking up to nature right outside your window… Soooo syok!

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With Tropicana Journey Collection, living in your dream resort home can now be a reality

The Tropicana Journey Collection communicates the concept of exploration and discovery with their theme, from "homes by the hill" to "homes by the sea".

A development that's "Simply Sensational", they are committed to incorporating their "4S" pillars: Strategic, Spectacular, Superior, and Smart, creating a collection that redefines the art of living.

From balconies that overlook the alluring, blue sea, to living spaces enveloped by ample greenery and cool air, you can soothe your worries and stress away at these perfect resort homes.

With freehold developments that come with retreat-style facilities and one-of-a-kind fully-furnished serviced residences like Tropicana Cenang and Tropicana Grandhill, you can now live the life you've always dreamed of!

They offer stylishly designed resort-themed facilities and professional property management for your peace of mind.

The best part is that both developments are located in popular tourist destinations — Langkawi Island and Genting Highlands.

Check out some of the highlights that make these residences an absolute dream to live in:

1. Tropicana Cenang, Langkawi Island

Bask in the sun-kissed grounds of Pantai Cenang and enjoy living that seafront lifestyle in homes that overlook the azure waters of the Andaman Sea.

Strategically located at the most vibrant beach town of Langkawi, Tropicana Cenang’s 5.28-acre premium seafront development consists of residences, retail, and a luxury five-star international hotel which is set to be a new landmark, elevating the standard of living in Langkawi.

Introducing the first residential phase at Tropicana Cenang Assana Serviced Suites, where you can experience a host of facilities that boast retreat-style services. Wah!

They’ve also got a magnificent infinity pool that overlooks the sea, making it the perfect holiday home where you can chill and relax to the swell and ebb of the waves.

Whether you're planning to buy to stay, rent, or as an investment, you can rest assured that the development has a high potential to generate returns.

According to an EdgeProp article from 2016, Langkawi Island attracts a huge group of tourists every year, and is one of the hotel markets with highest average daily rate (ADR) in the country. Wow!

From Studio Units, to two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, every home in Assana Serviced Suites has a sea view. They've got 831 units ranging from 380 sq ft to 1,310 sq ft from a starting price of RM457,000, so you gotta check 'em out!

Watch this video to find out more about Tropicana Cenang:

2. Tropicana Grandhill, Genting Highlands

Offering a slice of heaven nestled in the lush greenery of Genting Highlands, Tropicana Grandhill is a 112-acre freehold development that offers retreat-style living.

Tropicana Grandhill is a premium mix-integrated development that's just a 40-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, and 20 minutes away from the peak of Genting Highlands. 

If you're an avid nature-lover, this township is a great place to reside. Located mid-hill, Tropicana Grandhill is equipped with six main pillars: Residential, Commercial, Wellness, Education, Park, and Silver Hair.

By introducing health and wellness centres as well as an adventure park, Tropicana aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle among its residents through its Wellness pillar.

There are also various residential options to choose from, from high-rise to cluster living residences. You'll even get to enjoy commercial facilities including retail streets, commercial centres, and entertainment centres that showcase the idyllic views of the highlands.

Your children can enjoy quality education with various international schools in this township as well!

Retirees can also benefit greatly from Tropicana Grandhill as it places emphasis on a sustainable retirement lifestyle, which is where the Silver Hair component comes in.

TwinPines Serviced Suites, the first residential development in this masterplan, is fully furnished, move-in ready, and comes with resort-style amenities.

Facilities of this gorgeous place include a heated swimming pool (something we all need to enjoy the cool weather in Genting), a yoga studio, and even a gourmet kitchen!

There are 1,443 units under TwinPines Serviced Suites, with Tower A boasting 795 units, and Tower B with 648 units, all ranging from 379 sq ft (Studio units) to 1,330 sq ft (Four-Bedroom dual-key units).

Live a stress-free lifestyle surrounded by tropical rainforests in Tropicana Grandhill, Genting Highlands today.

Watch this video to find out more about TwinPines Serviced Suites:

With the Tropicana Journey Collection, owning your dream home is now within your reach

These exclusive residences may sound like a dream, but they're actually pretty affordable. One of these gorgeous homes could be yours from only RM397,000 onwards!

Whether you're looking for the perfect holiday or retirement home, or if you're looking for something to invest in, Tropicana Journey Collection offers something for everyone.

Redefine your lifestyle with the Tropicana Journey Collection today! For more details about Tropicana Cenang or Tropicana Grandhill, please visit this website.

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