This Company Is Teasing Something BIG, But The Only Clue Is A Thumb. What Is Happening?!

An insider also shared three words with us: "CLICK TO START". Whaaat? :o

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Tune Protect. 

Recently, we got wind that something exciting is coming this end of September... but all we know so far is that it's got to do with a thumb

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Is it a thumbs up, like some sort of good news? Or could it be related to thumbprints or thumbdrives? Trust us, we've had a crack at it, but we're just as confused as you.

That is, until we did a some digging and found out a little something.

So, apparently, the company behind this is Tune Protect, a digital insurer known for being mobile-first, customer-centric, and budget-friendly

What does Tune Protect have to do with a thumb? That's something we tried to find out. 

Instead, we only got a particular piece of info from an insider, who shared only three words: "CLICK TO START". What on earth does that mean? Safe to say that at this point, we're pretty much in the dark too. 

However, according to the insider, Tune Protect will have a big reveal at the end of September, so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, you can get to know Tune Protect better, along with the comprehensive, affordable online protection plans they have

This means that with Tune Protect, you'll confirm find the right insurance plan that meets your needs. 

Plus, everything is seamless on the Tune Protect app. You only need three minutes to purchase insurance, three hours to receive a response from Tune Protect's customer service team, and three days to receive your claim*. Efficient, right? 

The best part? Tune Protect's insurance is reasonably priced, which means you won't burn a hole in your wallet. :D

*Terms and conditions apply. 

Can't wait to get started? Here's how to purchase an insurance plan:

STEP 1: Download the Tune Protect app on Google Play or App Store

STEP 2: Register and fill out the required fields. 

STEP 3: Buy an insurance plan. 

That's it. So easy, right? 

Tune Protect has one mission — to offer simplified insurance to their customers

There's no denying that owning insurance is crucial, especially during these times of uncertainty. That's why Tune Protect strives to offer a fast, straightforward, accessible, and easy insurance purchase process. 

The highlight? You don't need to prepare documents or seek insurance agents — you only need your smartphone. 

Make sure to keep a lookout for the thumb's big reveal at the end of September to learn more about it!

Don't forget to also download the Tune Protect app on Google Play or App Store today. 

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