Uber Is Releasing Promo Codes Every Week For The Entire Month Of Ramadan

Check the app for the new weekly promo codes!

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Heavy traffic just before buka time can be pretty hectic after a long day

Traffic usually peaks between 4-7pm during Ramadan as that's the time when people make their way home or to Ramadan bazaars to prepare for iftar. After a long day of fasting and work, heavy traffic on our way home is the last thing we want to endure.

Looking for parking isn't exactly the most exciting thing to do too

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Since everyone will be going to the bazaars and shopping malls to buka puasa, there aren't that many parking spots to go around. It's especially upsetting when you think you finally got a spot, but it's actually occupied by a really small car.

Uber wants to help you get to your destination fuss-free this Ramadan

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Sit back, relax, and let Uber drive you through the rush hour traffic to your go-to Ramadan bazaars and shopping malls to prepare to break fast.

They will be dishing out promo codes every week from 5 till 25 June

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New promo codes will be introduced every week during the fasting month. All you need to do is check the app and apply the code, and you'll get to enjoy daily discounts for your Uber rides.

Here are the dates to look out for:

- 5 till 11 June 2017
- 12 till 18 June 2017
- 19 till 25 June 2017

If you're lucky, you could even get one of Uber's Ride To Reconnect cars for your trip

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Uber's Ride To Reconnect are cars equipped with free WiFi and tablets which you can use to call and talk to your loved ones who may have moved to another state or country.

So if you managed to get one of these cars, seize the chance and use the free WiFi to reconnect with your parents, siblings, cousins, or friends with a voice or video call.

Plus, you get to save some petrol money while at it

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Because you waste more petrol getting stuck in traffic and circling around the parking area 23 times trying to look for a spot.

Don't forget to check your Uber app every week to apply the new promo code

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