Uniqlo Is Launching New Designs For Their Jeans That Are Super Trendy And Sustainable

Anything from Uniqlo konfem we will buy! :p

Cover image via Uniqlo (Provided to SAYS)

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Love all things Uniqlo? The good news is that they're releasing a new line of jeans, and you definitely gotta check them out!

Uniqlo is a brand synonymous with comfort and quality, which is why Malaysians go bonkers for new releases. This time 'round, on 25 July, they'll be launching four different jeans designs that will flatter your body shape.

What's cool about Uniqlo's latest launch is that they're actually made out of sustainable material

Uniqlo's new jeans line is made with a rigid denim that's fully 100% cotton. This material allows the jeans to retain its shape even after washing. In doing so, you will be able to get so much bang for your buck as your pair of Uniqlo jeans will not lose its shape, so you won't have to buy any replacements. 

Another thing to note about this new release is that some designs feature selvage denim made with a traditional method. Keep reading, we'll tell you more about that later. (;

Besides that, in line with Uniqlo's green initiatives, the Japanese casual wear brand delves a little into the eco-friendly manufacturing process behind the making of the jeans

Utilising the BlueCycle method, Uniqlo jeans require less water* during production when compared to other traditional jeans-making procedures, saving up to 99%* of water usage.

They also employ lasers in the manufacturing process, which improves the work environment greatly while reducing heavy manual labour.

*Data is based on a study of Regular Fit Jeans (68 Blue) between 2017 and 2018. Water savings will vary slightly between products.

Here's a peep at the four different designs that Uniqlo is bringing to their stores:

1. If you fancy a looser silhouette, the Baggy Jeans are what you need

This style of jeans is super versatile and is very chic, depending on how you style it. It's made from 100% cotton denim, which is a rigid fabric that holds its shape well even after a few tumbles in the washing machine. 

The best part? It comes with FIVE pockets! :D Have a closer look at the product here

Price: RM149.90

2. Show some leg with the Loose Cropped Jeans made with Kaihara denim

This ankle-length jeans comes with a loose fit that's suitable for many body types. This relaxed cut pair of jeans is made from 100% cotton denim with a natural finish developed by Kaihara, which was the first company in Japan that developed and introduced the rope-dyeing machine.

The cropped design offers a distinctive look that differs from classic jeans due to their shorter length. Have a closer look at the product here.

Price: RM149.90

3. Keep up with the denim trend and strut your stuff with Uniqlo's Wide Fit Jeans

These full-length jeans have a trouser-like wide leg and a waist-cinching high rise, hugging you in all the right places while creating some nice dimension. This pair comes with slightly tapered hems, and brown stitching that can help polish up your look too!

What's even better is that this is a unisex item, which means it's a versatile piece you can style in any way that you want. Have a closer look at the product here.

Price: RM149.90

4. Made from premium selvage denim, the Selvedge Regular Fit Jeans are a must-add to your wardrobe

Image via Uniqlo

This pair of jeans is made from a highly authentic, 100% cotton red selvage denim that was manufactured using a traditional process. With its vintage denim-like texture, this design was developed with Kaihara, a renowned textile house.

As a mid-rise pair that is flattering in general to many silhouettes, much thought has been put into the design of this piece. The front and back pockets are placed high, and the back yoke is slanted to elongate the look of your legs. Have a closer look at the product here.

Ready to revamp your style with Uniqlo's awesome new line of jeans? Head over to this page for more deets. (;

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