Here Are 6 Things To Look Forward To In Cyberjaya If You're A Student, Worker, Or Investor

Cyberview estimates that Cyberjaya's new master plan will create 87,000 jobs for the Malaysian economy by 2045.

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If you don't stay, work, or study in Cyberjaya, you probably won't be that familiar with the area.

However, did you know that Cyberjaya is on course to become a thriving smart city that is home to 11,200 companies? :O

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That's right, thanks to tech hub developer Cyberview, Cyberjaya is set to undergo a massive facelift to become a Global Tech Hub that attracts investors and creates lots of job opportunities for Malaysians.

Here's a look at the all-new Cyberjaya master plan, geographically divided into four zones:

Image via Cyberview

North Cyberjaya will be a Global Business District equipped with sustainable and advanced smart city solutions. Downtown Cyberjaya, on the other hand, will see the adoption of technology into community lifestyle as a Thriving Commercial District. West Cyberjaya will be a Nurturing Talent for Tech Hub, for the community and the development of skilled talent.

Lastly, South Cyberjaya will be the Innovation District, with a unique focus on Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare, and Digital Creative. From autonomous and electric vehicles, to medical robotics and digital creative content, this will be where the magic happens.

Curious as to how all these developments will impact you? Here's what you can look forward to in Cyberjaya as a student, worker, or investor:

For students:

1. Be a part of Cyberjaya's diverse talent pool and gain opportunities to collaborate with key industry players

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Cyberjaya is home to six academic institutions that are internationally recognised, including Multimedia University (MMU), Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, University Malaysia of Computer Science And Engineering (UNIMY), and University of Cyberjaya (UoC).

As a student here, you'll also have opportunities to collaborate and gain internship experience with a host of tech powerhouses, from multinational corporations and conglomerates to local giants and successful homegrown startups. For instance, DELL, BMW, MISC, Aerodyne, and Monsta are some of the well-known brands located in Cyberjaya.

2. Get ready for more new job opportunities in technology, digital creative, and smart healthcare

Image via Cyberview

With various developments that Cyberview has down the pipeline, many investors and companies are expected to set up their operations in Cyberjaya over the next 25 years. And this can already be seen on the ground as the city continues to be a hot-bed, attracting tech companies from around the world such as Microsoft, China Mobile, Turkish Aerospace Industries, and Deriv.

What this means for students is that job opportunities will continue to grow, especially if they are equipped with the right skillsets. In fact, Cyberview estimates that the new master plan will contribute RM250 billion in gross domestic product (GDP), while creating 87,000 jobs for the Malaysian economy by 2045.

For workers:

3. Enjoy living in a smart city and being an early adopter of technology

Image via Cyberview

Living in the smart city of Cyberjaya comes with all kinds of perks. First of all, enjoy 'Life without Lag', thanks to the Cyberjaya Metro Fibre Network.

Secondly, you'll get to be part of all kinds of smart city pilot projects, from cashless fintech solutions to smart mobility, e.g. innovative traffic management and parking. Cyberjaya is designed to cater to autonomous vehicles and electric cars, with 17 EV charging stations in convenient locations.

Lastly, smart living is also about sustainability. Enjoy low carbon energy solutions, while living amidst a community surrounded by green buildings.

4. Join a flourishing startup culture and pilot innovative ideas with minimal barriers — the entire city of Cyberjaya is your sandbox

Image via Cyberview

Cyberjaya has a strong startup culture, enabled by a tech ecosystem and tailor-made initiatives to help startups succeed. In fact, many local startups like TheLorry and MoneyMatch kickstarted their businesses right here. For entrepreneurs looking to take their ideas to the next level, Cyberjaya offers ample working spaces, programmes, as well as access to funding and mentorship.

Besides that, Cyberjaya is a living lab that provides an entire cityscape for innovators to test their solutions in real life. Entrepreneurs can get proof of concept first with Cyberjaya's young and vibrant population. With a forward-looking approach, the National Regulatory Sandbox also allows new technologies to flourish with minimal barriers.

For investors:

5. Build and scale your business while enjoying tax incentives, funding incentives, and other benefits

Image via Cyberview

One of the things that makes Cyberjaya such an attractive location for investors is all the incentives offered. This ranges from tax exemptions and funding facilities, to expatriate related incentives.

Companies looking to leverage on Malaysia as their centralised operating base can opt for the Principal Hub scheme. This allows both new and existing companies to conduct regional and global business operations with additional advantages.

On top of that, business owners can also apply for the newly announced Malaysia Digital (MD) status, which effectively replaces the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia status. Among the benefits that companies may enjoy include exemption from local ownership requirements as well as tax incentives and the flexibility to source capital and funds globally.

6. Gain access to affordable world-class infrastructure​

Image via Cyberview

Investors who desire to set up operations in a cost-efficient location should look no further than Cyberjaya. With cutting-edge infrastructure, fast Internet connections, excellent transport links, and a strong education system, these conveniences are made affordable to support tech ventures and ensure growth.

Besides that, Cyberjaya currently offers the second most affordable office space in ASEAN, with rental of commercial office spaces from as low as RM1.80/sqft per month. To help companies ease into Cyberjaya, local tech hub developer Cyberview also offers soft landing zone packages. This includes rental-free co-working spaces and programmes, as well as Cyberjaya Investment & Services Centre facilitation and services.

All in all, Cyberjaya is equipped with the tools and conveniences to help you succeed, whether you're a student, worker, or investor.

Want to learn more about how you could fit into Cyberjaya and its exciting progress? Find out more on Cyberview's website!

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