Looking For New Hot Spots For Your Business? Here's Why Uptown Square Is Worth Considering

It'll have tonnes of shops to explore, and there's even a space for cool events like weekend markets and exhibitions.

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Located in the heart of Rimbayu Business Hub, Uptown Square is the latest launch, offering 119 units of chic, trendsetting shop offices

Image via IJM Land

Sitting on a prime site of 17.5 acres, the new shop offices aim to be part of the daily lifestyle in a thriving neighbourhood, as well as be an eventful meeting point for Malaysians who love going out and about.

There are a total of 119 units, with sizes ranging from 3,300 to 7,539 sq ft. The units are divided into two- and three-storey plans, each with its own set of features and benefits.

It is set to become a popular commercial hub, featuring an assortment of establishments such as F&B outlets, hotels and institutions, residential malls, sports centres, showrooms, and corporate offices.

Seeking to complete the social and economic infrastructure in Bandar Rimbayu, Uptown Square offers business owners a prime location to set up shop

Image via IJM Land

The spatial planning with a north-south orientation strategically allows for maximum visual exposure to the incoming main driveway, which means people will see the stores at Uptown Square as soon as they drive in.

Plus, with a total of six entry and exit points on site, the traffic loop is efficiently designed to minimise time spent driving around, as well as time spent walking to the shops from the parking strip.

As a result, all the shops in Uptown Square are equally in prime locations, be it the ones facing the main road or the ones deeper inside.

Extending from the seven-foot, column-free verandah to the external walkway, the shop fronts are specifically designed to be eye-catching to passersby

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Minimalist is the name of the game here, featuring contemporary aesthetics and framed façades — from the interplay of different shades of grey on storefronts to the white frames around each shop.

A key feature is the large glass windows that wrap around the corner, which let people get a good look into stores as they walk past. This meets entrepreneurs' desire to easily showcase their products or store settings, drawing shoppers' attention even from afar.

Some of the shoplots even have semi-outdoor spaces, which can be used for a various purposes, such as a corporate organisation's informal discussion area or a restaurant's outdoor dining area.

Plus, the shop offices also incorporate green-centric elements that encourage the usage of renewable energy sources

Image via IJM Land

Not only are the buildings' energy performance optimised, they also have a GreenRE Bronze certification, which is earned by adhering to prerequisites and credits for green building excellence.

Thus, business owners will be able to play an active role in reducing their carbon footprint, while simultaneously benefiting from a lower electricity bill. The solar PV installations also work efficiently in adding value to the property.

As for everyday Malaysians, you can look forward to having a new happening hangout spot to enjoy, where you can shop with your besties, go on a date with your bb, or have an exciting family outing

While the area is lively and bustling, the addition of The Barn, a private event space, and oasis park make for a calming environment.

The courtyard's row placement frames the area in a way that creates a sense of space and flexibility, so everything doesn't feel too cluttered.

Linked through a walkway, the intimate courtyard is able to accommodate all kinds of fun activities, making it a great spot for sports, markets, exhibitions, and more. Besides that, it's also filled with dual-frontage shops, giving you a plethora of options to explore as you walk around shopping.

You can also enjoy a beautiful walk through the area by the water feature, with ample seating for moments when you need a break to enjoy the view.

All in all, Uptown Square is set to be an ultimate business gateway to the thriving, prestigious township of Bandar Rimbayu and its surrounding neighbourhoods, as well as to the greater region of Southern Klang Valley

Image via IJM Land

Bandar Rimbayu is one of the fastest growing townships in the greater region of Southern Klang Valley. Located adjacent to Kota Kemuning, the township has seen a drastic growth over the years, both in terms of development and population.

It is only 32km away from Subang Airport, and 35km away from KLIA. Meanwhile, central areas like Shah Alam, Putrajaya, and Kuala Lumpur city centre are all nearby too, at 15km away, 25km away, and 40km away respectively.

Image via IJM Land

Here are some of Bandar Rimbayu's key features:
- Easily accessible via four highways

- 220,000 ready catchment, within 10km

- No direct competition within 2km for the daily necessities of a 4,000-people workforce

- High speed broadband infrastructure ready

- Mature, thriving, and award-winning township

- Close to two shopping malls, a Chinese primary school, and two international schools, as well as commercial shops and drive-thru F&B outlets such as Kenny Rogers Roasters, Starbucks, and McDonald's

- A famous hypermarket will soon be available. It will be located next to the Uptown Square shops and will have about 60,000 sq ft of lettable area.

- Another F&B drive-thru outlet is going to be added soon, next to the existing McDonald's drive-thru outlet, adjacent to the Uptown shops

For more information on Uptown Square and Bandar Rimbayu, check out their website

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