This Company Is Brewing Beer From… A Woman’s Vagina?!

The beer will not feature the taste or odour of a vagina.

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Yup, you read that headline correctly. The Order of Yoni, a Polish-based brewery is promising a new beer that's made out of a vagina's lactic acid!

Yeah, that's a panty draped over a beer bottle.

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FYI, Yoni means vagina in Sanskrit. Explains everything.

The company has set up an Indiegogo campaign to help make this idea a reality. They are asking for 150,000 Euros (RM660,000) in funds.

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At the time of writing, the campaign has only raised 234 Euros (RM1,000).

Calling it 'Bottle Instinct', the beer will be brewed with vaginal lactic acid sourced directly from the vagina of a "unique woman"

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So who is this unique woman in question? She's Alexandra Brendlova, a model from Czech Republic.

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The company will create it by taking bacteria from the vagina using a ‘gynaelogical stick’. This stick then goes to a laboratory, where the lactic acid bacteria are ‘isolated and cleaned’ then multiplied.

After that, the lactic acid bacteria will be put in a culture starter kit, mixing with water, malt, hops, wooden chips, and yeast to create the beer

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The company promises that the beer will not have any vaginal taste or smell.

The Order of Yoni believes that the beer is a tribute to mothers and childbirth. It is far, far from disrespect for a woman's genitals.

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Firstly, Yoni is a sacred Hindu name of vagina and it symbolises our respect to vagina as a sacrum. In Indian and many other cultures, genitals including vagina are respected and we are convinced such respect should be also present in our modern Western culture.

Secondly, vaginal lactobacillus bacteria are transferred from a mother to a child during childbirth, The Order of Yoni believes the beer is a tribute to our mothers and a tribute to the act of childbirth. It is far, far from disrespect for a woman.

Being an ambitious company, the Order of Yoni is also planning to create a BDSM themed ale in the future

The ale would be made from smoked plums and vaginal lactic acid bacteria of red-headed or brunette models. It would be called 'Isis'.

We're not sure what to think of this. But if you're interested, by all means check out the campaign here.

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We promise this is not an April Fools' joke.

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