[VIDEO] #SAYSbeauty: Malaysian Boyfriends Try Buying Makeup For Their Girlfriends

"Okay I'm just gonna go with this. PROBABLY this one is important also. This is PROBABLY important as well. PROBABLY this as well."

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#SAYSbeauty is back and this time we challenged guys to buy makeup for their girlfriends

The boys were worried enough about the challenge as it is, but we upped the challenge by making them follow a few rules.

1. They only had 15 minutes to shop at Sa Sa
2. They were only allowed to ask the Sa Sa Beauty Experts one question
3. They had to figure out what products are needed for their girlfriends to recreate a specific look

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Armed with only a photo of their selected looks and a shopping basket, we set them loose in a Sa Sa store to shop and hopefully not disappoint their girlfriends!

Did they manage to get everything or did they face the wrath of their girlfriends? Watch the full video below to find out.

Disaster struck early on for Wei-Shen when he SPILLED FOUNDATION ALL OVER THE FLOOR wahlaooo *facepalm*

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Wei-Shen: "Yes, you see, this is definitely lighter. *notices the foundation spilling* OH !@#$%& OMG I'm so sorry!"

His confusion eventually got the better of him and he settled for the "just grab everything" strategy lmaooo, good luck to his girlfriend

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Wei-Shen: "Okay I'm just gonna go with this. PROBABLY this one is important also. This is PROBABLY important as well. PROBABLY this as well."

Meanwhile, it seemed to be smooth sailing for Shaun fuyohhh

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Shaun: "Okay so now I got an eyeliner... I got a... mascara... I got a lipstick? I got a foundation... hmmm... what else do I need?"

He even remembered to pick up a beauty blender, you go Shaun!

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Shaun: "This is very important. This is a... beauty blender. So I'm guessing this one helps you blend your makeup evenly. I know so much, because uh... I'm very attentive."

Even though they pretty much bought the whole kedai, the boys actually managed to save RM600 thanks to all the ongoing Christmas promotions at Sa Sa

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Shaun: "So how much did we both save from the discounts?"

Wei-Shen: "Yeah, quite curious ah."

*cashier tells them*

Shaun: "RM600?!"

Wei-Shen: "RM600 ah?!"

Shaun: "We can buy this and still bring our girlfriends go eat something nice!"

And most importantly, they didn't kena marah by their girlfriends yay! Both Natasha and Nicole managed to successfully recreate their assigned looks and looked super pretty.

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