[VIDEO] Cute Kids Try Kellogg's Strawberry And Banana Corn Flakes ASMR-Style

"Why you put so much milk wan?"

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Not sure what to have for breakfast? Kellogg's just launched two new breakfast cereals, Strawberry Corn Flakes and Banana Corn Flakes, and we got kids to try them both!

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The Kellogg's Strawberry Corn Flakes contains dried cranberry pieces and real strawberry puree. This means you'll get the full flavour of strawberry in every bite.

On the other hand, the Kellogg's Banana Corn Flakes with real banana puree and dried banana pieces are perfect for banana lovers.

The main challenge was that the kids had to taste the cereal quietly, ASMR-style... Watch the full video and put on your earphones to enjoy all the cute little moments:

Whoops, looks like the kids broke the rules already! ;)

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They absolutely loved Kellogg's new cereal though, 'cause it not only tasted good, but also changed the milk to Strawberry and Banana flavour

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Depending on which cereal you choose, you'll end up with strawberry-flavoured milk or banana-flavoured milk. You could even mix both together for a yummy breakfast combo!

Wondering which cereal flavour tastes better?

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Seems like the kids can't decide among themselves either.

Try out the Kellogg's Strawberry and Banana Corn Flakes for yourself and tell us what you think. Grab a box or two at your nearest supermarket today!

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