[VIDEO] Malaysians Try The New Xtra Krunchy Mamee Monster Snack

"My childhood snack!"

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Remember when we first found out that Mamee Monster, one of our most beloved childhood snacks was getting a total makeover?

We were crazy excited yet anxious to see what the change was going to be - would it be a new flavour, a new look, or something completely unexpected?!

Well, not only were all our questions finally answered, we also got to try out the brand new Mamee Monster Xtra Krunchy!

While we thought that the new packaging was pretty adorbs, we couldn't help but wonder if the snack itself would still taste the same

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Tarvin: "The monster here more cuter, right?"

Tammy: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I wonder if the taste is different though?"

Turns out that the new thinner noodles really did give the iconic snack an irresistible extra crunch!

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Vi Nie: "It is Xtra Krunchy."

Chris: "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Plus, we even discussed a very important question: what exactly is the right way to eat Mamee Monster? Should you completely crush it, break into chunks, or just bite into it whole?

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Tammy: "How do you normally eat your Mamee?"

Tarvin: "Oh, usually ah? For me, I would like this first."

Tammy: "Hmmmm, you got the right way to do it!"

At the end of the day, the one thing that we can all agree on is that Mamee Monster will always remain a super iconic childhood snack that all Malaysians love <3

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Do you like your Mamee Monster thick or thin? How do you eat the snack? Let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to give the brand new version a try!

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