We Heard That One Of Our Favourite Childhood Snacks Is Changing For Good

Our inner child does not know how to feel about this.

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If there is one universal truth, it's that change is the only constant in life.

The second universal truth? We Malaysians absolutely love our snacks - especially the ones we've been binging on since our childhood days until now.

From dried sotong sticks and asam buah-buahan, to those yummy roti aiskrim and all the types of crackers in convenience stores, we were spoiled with snacking choices growing up in Malaysia. 

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Even now, munching on the familiar taste of these snacks serve as a throwback to the much simpler times of our childhood - when our biggest task of the day was to chase down the roti man on his motorcycle that came too soon in the evening.

Oh, the good times!

So you can only imagine how our anxiety spiked up when we heard that one of the most iconic snacks of all time is potentially getting a major change

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The word is spreading that Mamee Monster - yeap, that same crunchy snack with those umami flavour sachets - is in talks for a complete makeover

We're having the same thoughts as you guys are now - why improve on perfection?

There are just too many memories attached to this snack, we can't imagine any change being done to it.

Remember the joy you would get when you find these golden yellow packets at the bottom of party packs? They were the ultimate treasure among the cheap jellies, chocolate footballs and coins, and other tidbits.

(Plus points for you guys who used to collect those limited-edition toys in the packets!) 

We're still even humming the tune of their old commercial that used to play in between our favourite morning cartoons

We managed to find a version of it on YouTube. You can thank us later. :P

So. Many. Memories. 

'Crunch it. Shake it. Munch it.' - I hum as I type this very sentence. You gotta admit, the tune is as addictive as the snack itself.

We're not entirely sure what the change actually is, whether it's the flavour sachets, the snack itself, or just the packaging

Whatever the change may be, we are really excited to find out! 

Our inner child is willing to give Mamee Monster the benefit of the doubt that the change they're making is only going to improve this beloved Malaysian snack.

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What do you guys think? Do you feel like Mamee Monster needs to change in any way? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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