[VIDEO] Tired Of Tough Toilet Stains? This 4-Step Cleaning Routine Might Be What You Need

A happy and hygienic home starts with a clean toilet.

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Tired of dirty marks on your bathroom wall or tough stains on your toilet bowl that simply won't go away?

If you've tried everything, but still feel like you can't get your bathroom to look spotless, fret not. Maintaining a clean toilet doesn't take much effort, as long as you have the right tools!

In this video, Nandini unveils her secrets to a sparkling clean toilet with the help of Mr Muscle:

To ensure that her toilet remains in tip-top condition, Nandini says she uses a four-step cleaning routine with Mr Muscle products

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Nandini: "You know what works? This one!"

Aishah: "Mr Muscle?"

Nandini: "Yeah! You know what? I use this ah, my toilet so clean right until I rasa ah, you can shoot music video inside. That's how nice it looks now." 

Firstly, she uses the Mr Muscle Mold & Mildew spray to clean any stained surfaces

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Nandini: "Step one, use the Mold & Mildew. And wipe without any scrubbing." 

Next, she uses Mr Muscle Bathroom Cleaner to clean the other parts of the toilet, including floor surfaces and the walls

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Nandini: "For your whole toilet, you can use the bathroom cleaner. It is powered by micellar water and will easily clean all the dirt."

To clean toilet bowls, Nandini recommends the Mr Muscle Extra Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner, which easily cleans the inner rim of the toilet bowl and effectively eliminates rust and limescale

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Nandini: "You can use this Extra Power because it will easily eliminate all odours, and destroy limescale and tough stains. The holder is able to reach more in-depth corners of the toilet bowl, so you can actually be sure your whole toilet bowl is properly clean."

Lastly, to keep her toilet fresh, Nandini uses the Mr Muscle Fresh Discs, which leave adorable flower-shaped stamps on your toilet bowls

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Nandini: "Just stamp it and let it do its work, lah." 

If you're seeking an effective solution to maintain a clean and delightfully fresh-smelling toilet, look no further than these exceptional Mr Muscle products!

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Nothing beats the pleasure of having a clean and good-smelling toilet 'cause it enhances the overall experience, making every use infinitely more enjoyable.

Mr Muscle's cleaning products have been known as household heroes because they're proven to tackle even tough and stubborn stains.

They have different toilet cleaning products that target different areas — a powerful stain remover, a versatile surface cleaner, an effective toilet bowl cleaner, and a revitalising bathroom refresher.

When used together in the right order, these Mr Muscle products guarantee not only a visually sparkling clean toilet, but also a space that exudes a delightful and refreshing fragrance. Now, you can effectively clean your toilet in just 15 minutes and maintain long-lasting freshness.

Want your toilet to look good and smell fresh like Nandini's? Find out more about Mr Muscle's products on their website.

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