10 Cute Christmas Desserts To Sweeten Your Festive Celebrations

Desserts so good, they're on the 'nice list'.

Cover image via September Bakes , @pinbyeve (Instagram) , It's Baked by Suli (Facebook)

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These are the ingredients for the perfect festive season.

Image via Tenor

End the year with Christmas desserts that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate. If you're looking for ideas on where to get them, we've got you covered!

Here are 10 local bakeries and businesses that are offering adorable gift sets and mouthwatering desserts:

1. It's Baked by Suli

If you're dreaming of a miniature gingerbread house, this is the place to get it! On top of that, It's Baked by Suli is offering yummy cookies and a hot chocolate mug for your enjoyment. 

You can also customise your own giftbox for RM5.

Check out their Christmas menu here:

They also provide delivery services; you can click here to find out more.

2. Elevete Patisserie

Elevete Patisserie is back with a new dessert collection that doubles as a delightful dessert display. From a Christmas tree-shaped cake to winter-themed cupcakes, these wonderful treats are perfect for sharing.

Star Noël/The Tree of Hope

Image via Elevete Patisserie (Provided to SAYS)

Santa's Little Macs

Image via Elevete Patisserie (Provided to SAYS)

Holly Jolly Designer Cupcakes

Image via Elevete Patisserie (Provided to SAYS)

Joyous Tarts Gift Set

Image via Elevete Patisserie (Provided to SAYS)

Grandma's Fruit Cake with Biscoff Filling

Image via Elevete Patisserie (Provided to SAYS)

Star Noël/The Tree of Hope (RM150)
A chocolate sponge, layered with salted caramel buttercream, complete with tiny festive decorations.

Santa's Little Macs (RM80)

Includes six adorable and colourful macarons, each with unique flavours: chocolate mint, honeycomb, salted popcorn, red velvet, and rose lychee.

Holly Jolly Designer Cupcakes (RM120)
A set of 12 cupcakes, featuring flavours like ultimate chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, lemon poppy seed, and classic vanilla.

Joyous Tarts Gift Set (RM90)
Comes in four different flavours: Black Forest, Tiramisu, Chocolate Hazelnut, and biscoff Apple.

Yule Log Cake (RM90)

A chocolate cake with Elevete's signature salted caramel buttercream, rolled and covered with rich dark couverture chocolate frosting.

Grandma's Fruit Cake with Biscoff Filling (RM120)
A blend of candied fruits, raisins, and walnuts with a biscoff ganache centre and coated with an apricot glaze.

Click here to place an order.

3. September Bakes

What better way to spend this festive season than with a box of September Bakes' signature "half-cookie, half-brownie" Brookies? This 10-year-old bakery is offering these delectable baked goods until 31 December.

Santa's Favorite Gift Box

Image via Provided to SAYS

Granny's Nutty Fruit Cake

Image via Provided to SAYS

Molasses Gingerbread Man

Image via Provided to SAYS

Burnt Butter Choc Soft Cookies

Image via Provided to SAYS

Santa's Favorite Gift Box (RM120)
- Two gingerbread man cookies
- Four assorted Brookies (Gluten-free)
- Six burnt butter chocolate soft cookies
- One personalised gift card

Granny's Nutty Fruit Cake (RM155)
Laden with fruits, nuts, and hints of spirit, this decadent cake does have an alcohol-free option.

Molasses Gingerbread Man (RM15)
Coming in sets of two, these chewy cookies are made with rich molasses sugar with a hint of ginger powder.

Burnt Butter Choc Soft Cookies (RM24)
These mouthwatering cookies are sold as a set of six pieces.

If you're interested, drop them a message on Instagram or visit their website for more info.

4. Pin By Evelyn

Elevate your dessert presentation with Pin By Evelyn's special Christmas menu, featuring an array of treats centred around choux pastries (fun fact: pronounced like "shoe").

Adorned with edible features, these desserts transform into an elegant yet utterly adorable winter wonderland for your holiday table.

Box of 6 choux

Image via Provided to SAYS

Christmas Wreath

Image via @pinbyeve

Christmas Tree

Image via Provided to SAYS

Mini Christmas Tree

Image via Provided to SAYS

There are six flavours on their Christmas menu: vanilla, chocolate, earl grey lychee, biscoff, strawberry cheesecake, and matcha.

Box of 6 choux (RM50) - Comes with six regular choux pieces.

Christmas Wreath (RM65)
 - Comes with eight pieces of mini choux. You can choose up to three flavours.

Christmas Tree (RM140) -
 Comes with 11 regular choux pieces and edible decorations. You can choose up to three different flavours.

Mini Christmas Tree (RM85) - Comes with 15 mini choux pieces and edible decorations. You can choose up to three flavours.

Deliveries start on 5 December, so drop them a message on WhatsApp to treat yourself to some delightful choux.

5. Happ Café

If you're looking for a less sweet alternative, Happ Café's two Christmas gifts sets could be for you!

Handmade with no preservatives, all baked goodies are encased in jars adorned with holiday motifs, making them perfect gifts for friends and family.

Santa Gift box

Image via (Instagram)

Holly Jolly Set

Image via (Instagram)

Santa Gift box (RM99)
- One jar of sea salt chocolate chip cookies (120g)
- One jar of matcha white chocolate chip cookies (120g)
- Six candy canes

Holly Jolly Set (RM68)
- Four pieces of Christmas tree cookies
- Four pieces of snowflake cookies

Place an order here.

6. Real Sweet Treats

This cake and patisserie shop in Sri Hartamas is living up to its name, offering a variety of sweet treats for you this festive season. From an assortment of freshly baked cookies to charming little cakes, there is definitely something for everyone.

Cozy Cookie Box (Deluxe & Mini)

Image via @real.sweet.treats (Instagram)

RST English Fruitcake

Image via Real Sweet Treats

Christmas Petit Gateau

Image via @real.sweet.treats (Instagram)

Cozy Cookie Box (RM65 - RM115)
There are two different sizes, a Deluxe and a Mini version. Each box contains a collection of four handcrafted cookies:
- Almond and rose cookie
- Dark chocolate and peppermint cookie
- Christmas spices cookie
- A fruitcake cookie

RST English Fruitcake (RM98)
A moist, non-alcholic fruitcake with a blend of spice and Christmas flair.

Christmas Petit Gateau (RM108)
A collection of super refreshing treats with carefully curated flavours, from pistachio mousse to spiced mandarin orange and cherry.

Check out their menu to place an order.

7. Little Collins KL

This bakery in Mont Kiara is selling gift sets filled with an array of holiday treats and miniature minced fruit pies.

You can even get adorably-designed little cakes decorated to look like a polar bear or Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

Joyful Gift Box

Image via Little Collins KL

Mini 4-inch Christmas Cakes

Image via Little Collins KL

Christmas Mince Pies

Image via Little Collins KL

Christmas Berry Roll Cake

Image via Little Collins KL

Joyful Gift Box (RM169)
- One jar of chocolate pecan cookies
- One jar of lemon shortbread
- One jar of raspberry Thumbprint cookies
- One jar of oat raisin cookies
- Two pieces of Cocova hot chocolate spoon
- Two pieces of gingerbread man
- Two pieces of candy canes
- One piece of Christmas ornament (random)

Mini 4-inch Christmas Cakes (RM80)
These adorable cakes come in three flavours: chocolate mud, red velvet, and buttercake.

Christmas Mince Pies (RM66 – RM170)
A buttery pastry filled with minced fruits, available with either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic option.

Christmas Berry Roll Cake (RM89)
A chiffon sponge, rolled with French Bonne Maman raspberry preserves and chilled mascarpone Chantilly. It's decorated with Swiss meringue buttercream and glitzy Christmas toppers.

Check out more of their gifts and bundles here or reach out to them via Instagram.

8. xiao by crustz

xiao by crustz is embracing the winter wonderland theme with desserts that look almost too good to eat. They provide both pickup and delivery services, so you can send a delightful surprise to your friends and family.

Santa's Special Delivery

Image via @xiaobycrustz (Instagram)

Santa's Special Delivery (RM128)
- Seven pieces of chocolate cocoa nib
- Seven pieces of dark chocolate almond breton
- Seven pieces of gingerbread man
- Seven pieces of green tea Viennese cookies
- Three pieces of butter cookies

Jingle Bell (RM105)
This set comes with four cakes, each with a different flavour.

Order through their website.

9. Bakaron By Alicia

Bakaron by Alicia are renowned for their handcrafted, customised macarons. For the holiday season, this Muslim-friendly business is selling luscious, bite-sized delights, ready to charm both kids and adults alike.

Gelato Macaron X'mas 2023

Image via Bakaron by Alicia

Strawberry Yule log shortcake

Image via Bakaron by Alicia

Gelato Macaron X'mas (RM178)
This box of gelato macarons is a collaboration between Bakaron by Alicia and local artisanal gelato business, Hummingbird & Mallows Gelato. It features nine different flavours and designs:
- Tahitian vanilla
- Cinnamon pear
- Coffee cacao nibs
- Gianduja hazelnut
- Strawberries cheesecake
- Jasmine mango
- Kyoto uji matcha
- Caramel orange
- Earl grey raspberry

Strawberry Yule log shortcake (RM169)
A vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and strawberry compote.

Visit their website or order now via +60 11-11614514.

10. CookieCrumbs

Spread the joy of Christmas with these New York-style soft, thick, and gooey cookies at CookieCrumbs. They also provide nationwide shipping, so order a box of these sinfully rich baked goodies to enjoy with your friends and family.

Santa's Treat

Image via CookieCrumbs

Medium Box Cookies (Mix & Match)

Image via CookieCrumbs

Christmas Personal Box

Image via CookieCrumbs

Santa's Treat (RM35)
200g of crunchy cookie bites, which comes in two flavours:
- Classic chocolate chips
- Double chocolate

Medium Box Cookies (Mix & Match) (RM44)
Sold in a box of up to eight pieces, you can mix and match from a slice of dark chocolate brownie and 13 flavours:
- The OG (Classic Dark Chocolate Chips)
- Triple Chocolate
- Sea Salt Walnut (contains dark chocolate chips)
- Cookies 'n' Cream
- Red Velvet Cheesecake
- Uji Matcha
- Milk Chocolate Chunk
- Chocolate Peanut Butter Chips
- Strawberry White Choc
- S'mores
- Nutella Stuffed
- Lotus Biscoff

Christmas Personal Box (RM75)
- Two pieces of Cookiecrumbs' signature soft cookies
- Three to Four pieces of walnut snowball cookies
- Two pieces of gingerbread man (made with chocolate shortbread, not ginger-flavoured)
- Mixed nuts pretzels
- Christmas ornaments & packaging

Check out their other special Christmas menus available on their website, or you can reach out to them via Instagram.

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