14 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under RM50 For Those Who Want To Gift On A Budget

Spoil your loved ones this holiday season without breaking the bank!

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November is coming to an end and you can almost hear the Christmas bells tolling in the distance

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Christmas songs have probably started playing on the radio, cue Mariah Carey coming out of hibernation to deck the halls with her iconic holiday tunes.

If your loved ones have begun planning Christmas get-togethers and secret Santas, but you still have no 'elfing' idea what to get them, then you've come to the right place.

Worry not, as we have compiled some gift ideas for you, from gifts for makeup lovers to gifts for those with new cribs.

Here are 14 secret Santa gift ideas under RM50 you can get your family and friends this Christmas:

Perfect for those who often wear makeup but don't have time to wash their brushes constantly, this automatic makeup brush cleaner also acts as a dryer. So, they'll be able to clean their makeup brushes in less than a few minutes and use it directly after.

However, do note that it does not come with triple-A batteries that power them, so you may need to buy batteries separately.

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2. Espresso coffee maker | RM12.50 - RM39.99

If you're thinking of getting something for your loved ones who absolutely cannot function in the morning without a cup of coffee, this espresso coffee maker, or known as moka pot, is perfect for those who need a quick pick-me-up before seizing the day.

The moka pot has sizes ranging from 50ml to 300ml, with a variety of colours including blue, white, red, black, silver, pink, and yellow.

Image via Shopee

A makeup lover's best friend is definitely their makeup travel pouch. This 4-in-1 makeup storage pouch will help organise all the makeup supplies. It's also space-efficient and can fit into handbags or backpacks.

Image via Shopee

4. Portable mini cooker | RM16.50 - RM17.88

If you have loved ones who need a portable equipment for them to cook at their university dorm or the office, this portable mini cooker is suitable for cooking on the go. You can get it with or without a tray and in a variety of colours including red, purple, khaki, and pink.

Image via Shopee

5. Electric kettle | RM23.90

This electric kettle can double as a housewarming gift for your family or friends who have just moved to a new place. It comes in pink and purple.

Image via Shopee

6. HOOGA reed diffuser | RM49.90

This reed diffuser from HOOGA is ideal for those looking for aromatherapeutic gifts for their loved ones. Currently, the only available scents are Kenya Yuzu, sea salt and eucalyptus, and green tea and cucumber diffusers.

You can check out their physical stores for more options.

Image via Shopee

7. Laptop stand | RM6.89 - RM18.90

Don't know what to gift your officemates? You can get this sleek laptop stand to help keep your co-workers necks and backs from straining while they work. The laptop stand comes in two colours: silver and black. You can also add on a laptop cooler as well.

Image via Shopee

8. Tumbler cup | RM3.50 - RM24.50

Another great gift idea for your workmates would be this tumbler cup. It comes in sizes 550ml and 710ml, and is said to be able to retain cold and hot temperatures for 24 hours. The tumbler comes in several colours, which are blue, green, white, pink, and purple.

Image via Shopee

9. Bluetooth speaker | RM20.50

If the one you're gifting loves music, then this Bluetooth speaker is perfect! With its retro look that comes in white, blue, pink, and black, it fits every music lover's needs.

Image via Shopee

10. Hoodie blanket | RM44.40

For those who prefer to stay in and watch movies, this hoodie blanket is ideal for those cosy, rainy nights. The colours available are grey, purple, pink, and blue.

Image via Shopee

Can't decide between gifting a scented candle or a packet of tea sachets to others? Well, with this gift set, you can gift them one scented candle with eight packs of aromatic flower tea. The candle aromas available are lavender eucalyptus, english pear freesia, misty forest, and lemongrass.

Image via Shopee

12. Baby care kit | RM17.99

Is the one you're gifting a new parent? If yes, you can gift them this baby care kit that includes a clipper, a comb, a thermometer, a brush, a nasal aspirator, a nail file, a toothbrush, and a pair of scissors. It comes in two colours: blue and pink.

Image via Shopee

13. Freeze dried pet treat | RM10.50 - RM17.99

Gift a pet parent these assortment of 100g freeze dried snacks that come in variations, such as codfish, chicken, salmon, duck, egg yolk, cheese, minced chicken, minced salmon, minced codfish, and minced duck. Suitable for both cats and dogs, this snack can be given to a pet as it is or mixed in their current diet.

Image via Shopee

14. Bookmark | RM2.99

If the one you're gifting is a bookworm and prefers physical books, then this pendant bookmark is the perfect gift for them. There are four design, each featuring one or a few cats or a majestic bird. Aesthetic, if you ask me.

Image via Shopee

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