[VIDEO] Salesperson Shows How Cars Are Actually Brought Into Shopping Malls For Display

Mystery solved.

Cover image via Twitter @lalaproton

Have you ever seen a car inside a super crowded shopping mall with no doors or exits nearby and wondered, "How in the world did it get there?"

If your answer is yes, then same here.

Image via Tenor

One person decided to unravel this mystery in a Twitter thread and show people how it is actually done

Twitter user @lalaproton, or also known as Lala, is a sales consultant who has a bit of experience bringing cars into shopping malls.

According to her, it's not as hard as it looks.

She tweeted, "Do you guys still remember the other day when people were asking how salesmen bring cars into a mall? If I get 100 retweets, I'll treat you guys to a video of us getting a car into a shopping mall."

Basically, a salesperson would show up either before the mall opens or after it closes, and then just drive through one of the doors

Lala explained, "Okay guys, usually at 8.30am or 10.00pm, we're already in front of the mall to drive the car through the entrance door or the back door."

"At that time, there's only the security guard to help guide us in," she said.

She also shared a video of herself driving the car inside a mall

She passed by closed stores and the mall was visibly empty.

According to Quora, there are situations that require a door or a divider to be temporarily removed.

However, based on Lala's tweets, some cars could easily squeeze through regular-sized double doors.

Many netizens are happy to finally know the truth

One person wrote, "I really used to think that they assembled the car like Lego blocks."

Another user replied, "My question has been answered. People used to say that they assembled the car inside the mall. Some even assumed the cars entered through the windows."

"Thank god, this is what I've been waiting for. Someone finally explained how they get cars into the mall," said another netizen.

Read the full thread here:

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