[VIDEO] We Got Freaked Out By Pontianaks And The Demogorgon At Halloween Horror Nights 8

Well... at least we came out alive. :p

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We did it.

We walked among Pontianaks, Chinese vampires, and the Demogorgon at Universal Studios Singapore... and lived to tell the tale.

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Just a few weeks ago, we were given a media-exclusive sneak peek into Universal Studios Singapore's Halloween Horror Nights 8 event prior to its official opening on 27 September.

The biggest highlight of this year's Halloween event is Universal Studios Singapore's first ever tie-up with Netflix to bring the mysterious world of Stranger Things to life. As huge fans of the sci-fi TV show, we were HYPED.

We had pretty high expectations for the Stranger Things haunted house, and safe to say... it felt like we were right smack in the show itself!

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We won't lie - braving through the four other haunted houses and an intense laser tag battle with zombies (who just won't. stay. dead.) kept our adrenaline pumping in fear all night

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You would too if you had 20 or so Pontianaks creeping and following you around...

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Watch us scream our way through Halloween Horror Nights 8 here:

Think you can survive the frights? Halloween Horror Nights 8 currently runs on select nights till 31 October 2018. Book your tickets here.

Find out more on what to expect at Universal Studios Singapore's Halloween Horror Nights 8 here:

Make sure to bring along friends like these to the haunted houses so you can laugh at each other:

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