We All Have These Friends Who Make Haunted Houses The Best

Sure got wan.

Cover image via Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

1. The one who clings onto someone with a total death grip...

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2. ...only to abandon/sacrifice their bodyguard and save themselves the second something pops out

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3. The one whose defense mechanism is to lash out and attack the "ghosts"

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4. The one who calls upon a higher power

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5. The one who bajet fearless

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6. The one who's ACTUALLY truly fearless

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7. The one who keeps their eyes closed the whole time

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8. The one who's super jumpy and gets a mini heart attack at every little thing

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9. The one who's having a blast trying to scare the "ghosts" instead

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10. The one who's a total evil prankster

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11. The one who suddenly turns into Usain Bolt

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12. The one who has to be literally dragged along

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13. The one who reverts to being a little kid

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14. The one who's 100% practical and keeps up a constant commentary of how fake everything is

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15. The one who ambil peluang to make a move and impress their S/O

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16. The one who likes to marah the "ghosts"

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17. The one who can't seem to stay on their feet

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18. The one who begs, pleads and bargains their way out

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Which 'one' are you? What other types of haunted house reactions have you experienced? Let us know in the comments below.

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