[VIDEO] Malaysian Actor Sean Lee's Attempt At Baking Mickey Mouse Macarons Is A Whole Mood

0:39 is just priceless!

Cover image via TV3 (YouTube)

If you've ever attempted baking macarons before, you'll know how extremely difficult it is to get the perfect shape and texture

Just getting the ingredient ratio slightly off could make your macarons turn out too dry, too sticky, lopsided, cracked, or out of shape.

That's why when we found out Malaysian actor Sean Lee was gonna try baking macarons from scratch, we knew it'd be worth watching

This is not the first time we've seen Sean in action - in fact, he's known to be pretty skillful in the kitchen. But to make macarons from scratch is a whole new level!

He's taking on this challenge as part of TV3's 'Ohsem Tak? Awesome!' series, which will be featuring some of your favourite personalities.

Check out the first episode of 'Ohsem Tak? Awesome!' featuring Sean Lee below:

After preparing all the ingredients, the first step for Sean was to separate the egg whites, but that didn't go as planned...

Image via TV3 (YouTube)

Next, one of the most important things is to make sure the whipped egg whites have the right consistency. It should stick to the bowl and not be too watery.

Image via TV3 (YouTube)

Welpsss, the egg whites definitely need a little more whipping.

Nevertheless, once he got that down, the macarons actually looked like they were gonna turn out pretty well

Image via TV3 (YouTube)

OMG those Mickey Mouse shaped macarons look so cuuute <3

While some of the macarons were cracked and out of shape, a few of them came out looking really pretty

Image via TV3 (YouTube)

We gotta say though, it was pretty smart of Sean to turn those ugly macarons into angry 'Hulk' macarons

Image via TV3 (YouTube)

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If you loved this video, then you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for the next few episodes of 'Ohsem Tak? Awesome!' on TV3's YouTube channel, featuring some of your favourite personalities!

Image via TV3

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