Here's Everything You Need To Know About #HaTepuk, The New Viral Trend In Malaysia

It all started from a recent Malaysian telemovie.

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Forget about the #ShiggyChallenge, there's a new viral trend taking over social media in Malaysia - the #HaTepuk

The trend is a simple one, it involves someone ranting or complaining about any topic that meets their fancy, and then ending it with a loud exclamation of "HA TEPUK" (a sarcastic comment akin to "come I clap for you"), and occasionally accompanied with a hit or slap of some kind, usually on the head.

Check out a few examples below:

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So how did this trend come about?

It all started with Malaysian actress Sharifah Sakinah, and her role in a recent Raya telemovie titled 'Bini Aku Dari ....', the sequel to 'Girlfriend Aku Dari Neraka', a popular Malay drama series.

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Sharifah reprises her role as Lydia, the lead female character who is now adapting to life as a newlywed and dealing with all the challenges that come with it.

Ever since her character used the "HA TEPUK" line in the telemovie, Sharifah has adopted it as a catchphrase, most notably using it on her Insta stories to call out celebrities who do questionable product endorsements.

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This sparked netizens to pick up the catchphrase, using it all over social media, whether to parody Sharifah's rants or to emphasize their own raging

While some mocked the trend, Sharifah herself was extremely supportive, even going so far as to post a video on Instagram encouraging others to continue making parodies.

One of the top posts of the #HATEPUK tag on Instagram is by lifestyle Instagrammer ChenLin Daphne, who used it to hilariously show how obsessed she is with her favourite hand cream

Check it out below:

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It even caught Sharifah's attention, who proceeded to give her a shoutout via Insta stories and even tagged Watsons to call their attention to the video

Previously, Sharifah was featured in an entertaining Watsons video, where she talked about a clingy little problem that followed her everywhere she goes

Clingy Rash

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Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Thursday, June 28, 2018

So guys, the next time you're stuck crawling in traffic or having a horrible day at work, you know what to say - "HA TEPUK!"

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What do you think of the viral #HaTepuk trend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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