We Tried These 7 Watsons Brand Products For The First Time. Here's What We Think

We surprisingly liked them more than we expected to.

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Watsons recently challenged us to swap all our usual lifestyle and beauty products with their home brand ones for a week :O Meet the challengers!

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Haikal: "I just use whatever soap and shampoo my wife buys for me. I've never used lotions or creams or moisturiser or stuff like that. I'm noob."

Laila: "I have really sensitive and dry skin, but aside from that I'm pretty low maintenance and tend to only do the bare minimum when it comes to beauty regimes."

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Esther: "Nothing but the best for me! I only use professional products for my skin and hair. I also go for facials and hair treatments quite regularly."

Gowri: "I'm kind of in the middle. I do buy good quality products but they last forever 'cause I always get lazy to apply them all hahaha so I tend to be quite sporadic with using them."

We were provided with a total of 7 different hair, face, and body products to try out for the first time

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Hair System by Watsons Strengthen & Protect Shampoo (500ml)
Normal price: RM27.90
Promo price: RM22.41

Hair System by Watsons Strengthen & Protect Conditioner (500ml)
Normal price: RM27.90
Promo price: RM22.41

Water360 by Watsons Hydrating Sheet Mask (1pc)
Price: RM8.90

Water360 by Watsons Brightening Mask (1pc)
Price: RM8.90

Watsons Pure Water Spray (50ml)
Normal price: RM17.90 per bottle
Promo price: 2 bottles for RM25.00

Naturals by Watsons Argan Shower Gel (490ml)
Normal price: RM20.90
Member price: RM15.30

Naturals by Watsons Paw Paw Hand Cream (60ml)
Normal price: RM16.90
Member price: RM12.60

Armed with a basketful of stuff each, we were excited but slightly skeptical and nervous to swap out our staples with what we were given. So, what's our verdict?

1. Hair System by Watsons (Strengthen & Protect) Shampoo

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Laila: "If you're a hijabi like me, then you know how sweaty and itchy our scalps can get on really hot, sticky days! This shampoo left me feeling clean and refreshed."

Haikal: "I gel my hair pretty much every day so it's led to me having a really dry scalp that sometimes leads to dandruff :( This shampoo was good because I noticed it helped the dryness of my scalp. And it smelled nice."

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Esther: "Despite all the treatments I get from my hairstylist, I guess all the perming I did to my hair kinda damaged it. So I only use the same professional hair products they used in the salons (which are super expensive and can only be bought from the salon or the manufacturer itself). Never dared to use the ones in the market because my hair always ends up dry and wiry.

So you can imagine how nervous I was to use this but my hair turned out quite alright. It's not as great as my salon ones, but it's definitely much better than the other brands in the market. My hair was smooth and feels 'light' :D The results are almost on par with my professional haircare products, and for much cheaper too!"

Gowri: "I noticed that I had a lot less hair loss after using it! My hair usually drops like crazy, so I was quite surprised by how I could comb or even just run my fingers through my hair without it getting everywhere."

2. Hair System by Watsons (Strengthen & Protect) Conditioner

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Laila: "After years of abusing hair dye and bleach, my hair is really dry and damaged, so conditioner is super important to me. I like that this conditioner washed out pretty easily. And after a few uses during the week, my hair was much smoother and more manageable."

Haikal: "I like this a lot. My hair felt really silky. I like that it was pretty easy to wash out, unlike other conditioners that take half a billion years and still feel sticky afterwards. AAAAAND... I went to work without hair gel and my colleague said my hair looked awesome! :D"

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Gowri: "I wish it was more kaw! It's not bad but not strong enough of a conditioner for my super thick, dry, and frizzy typical Indian hair lol. It felt okay while my hair was still wet, but once it dried it just went back to it's usual state, albeit a little softer."

Esther: "Scroll back up and read my super long comments on the shampoo haha. Same opinion for the conditioner."

3. Water360 by Watsons Hydrating Sheet Mask

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Haikal: "This is the first time I've ever tried a face mask. It's cold and wet. I have oily skin. It kinda felt more oily afterwards. But my wife says it's not oily but moisturised. I'll take her word for it haha."

"I was looking forward to trying this the most! It's nice and cooling and afterwards my skin was super soft and moisturised. I didn't even have to put on my usual face cream! Skin stayed soft and supple through the night and the next day."

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Esther: "This is probably the 'wettest' mask I've ever used. My skin requires a lot of hydrating, so this is definitely the mask for me. You can tell that it's very hydrating from the wetness of it lol. I think you can skip the hydrating gels and moisturisers in your skincare regimen after using this."

Gowri: "Love, love, love! With the crazy heat spells we've been having lately, my skin has been a lot drier than usual so this gave my poor overheated skin a much needed boost of hydration. I couldn't stop touching my face afterwards, it was super soft!"

4. Water360 by Watsons Brightening Sheet Mask

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Laila: "No complaints but I couldn't really tell the difference between this and the hydrating one, they both pretty much felt the same. I may need to use it more often to see the brightening effects."

Haikal: "I liked this mask better. Maybe it's because it's the second time I tried it so I knew what to expect, haha."

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Gowri: "I actually tried this mask before I tried the hydrating one and had a dumb moment where I didn't realise that you're supposed to pull off the blue protective layer before using it so it kept falling off LOL! Learn from my mistake k, guys. Once I got it properly on my face, I really liked it, but the hydrating one is still my fav."

Esther: "I've only used it twice, think it kinda 'lightened' my acne spots a little. My acne spots clear quite slowly so I'm hoping continuing to use this mask will speed it up."

5. Watsons Pure Water Spray

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Haikal: "I was scared of it at first but this one was cool. Literally. I walk from my office to the nearby makan places to eat every day and it gets super hot. So I like this spray. Makes me feel refreshed and clean and not so sweaty."

Laila: "This isn't something I would use every day because it runs the risk of smudging my makeup :P Otherwise it's a good way to get fresh on the spot on really hot days. I used it on my whole family during my son's school sports day. It was awesome and the kids really enjoyed being sprayed haha."

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Gowri: "I use facial sprays on daily basis and this is definitely one of the better ones I've tried. I like how it feels really light and dries quickly so my face isn't left dripping wet for ages, but its refreshing effects are pretty long-lasting. I keep a bottle at my office table now :)"

Esther: "I've never used a face spray before this. I first used this one when waiting for the train because the weather was super hot. It was so refreshing!"

6. Naturals by Watsons Argan Shower Gel

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Laila: "This was by far my favourite! I have very dry, sensitive skin and soaps tend to make it worse. But this shower gel was great! My skin felt sooooo soft and supple after my shower. This legit has never happened to me ever with any other shower gel."

Haikal: "I like this." 

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Gowri: "It smelled so good, like that kind of scent you always smell at spas! I had to use more than usual 'cause it doesn't lather up much since it's soap-free but I liked that, it was so much gentler on my skin. Felt so smooth post-shower that I didn't even have to apply lotion."

Esther: "ARGAN OIL IS THE BEST. I fell in love with argan oil products ever since my friend bought me an argan oil soap bar from Morocco. It's just so good! It makes my skin super soft and keeps it moisturised. That's why I was super excited to try this. And it was so good! It smells great and my skin doesn't dry up that easily in our really cold office."

7. Naturals by Watsons Paw Paw Hand Cream

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Laila: "Too much fragrance makes me feel nauseous so I love that the hand cream is mildly scented. The cream is light so I can apply it and continue working on my computer without leaving oily fingerprints everywhere. Thumbs up from me!"

Haikal: "I sweat really easily so this hand cream just kinda made me feel more sweaty. Not a fan, sorry."

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Esther: "I rarely use hand cream - maybe that's why my hands are so rough :( I like the smell (peaches <3 yes yes I know it's actually papaya but it smells like peaches to me okay lol) and the fact that it's not greasy."

Gowri: "I don't like my palms feeling sticky but at the same time the skin around my fingernails is dry and often cracks. So while I do use hand creams regularly, I tend to be very picky with them. I wasn't really into this hand cream at first because it felt too sticky when first applied, but I warmed up to it after a while. And I like how the scent lingers."

After the whole experience, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we mostly enjoyed using the Watson's brand products, they're actually really good guys! Here are our top picks:

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Laila: "The shower gel, it's legit the best I've ever tried!"

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Haikal: "The shampoo 'cause people in my office actually said that my hair looks awesome without hair gel hehe."

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Gowri: "The hydrating face mask ftw!"

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Esther: "As you can tell from the length of my comments, mine's clearly the shampoo and conditioner haha."

Wanna try out all these products yourself? Grab them at your nearest Watsons outlet today! :)

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