Smile Makers And 11 Other Weird Products That You Can Actually Buy In Malaysia

They get weirder and weirder.

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1. Try out this foot peeling mask that'll make you shed your skin like a molting snake

This baby foot peeling mask is grossly satisfying. After walking around all day in your shoes or heels, your gnarly feet will probably need some lovin'.

Put these babies on and watch your dead skin shed away.

Note: The shedding process may happen over a few days so be careful to not get impatient and rip your skin off before it's ready! Ouch.

You can find it on Lazada.

2. Believe it or not, slug slime is actually quite commonly found in various Asian products, like this snail secretion facial cream

Image via Alibaba

It claims to make your skin more youthful by hydrating your skin and reducing fine lines.

This review says that the cream absorbs quickly into the skin and is super moisturising. Snail slime is said to contain 91-98% water and is best known for its anti-aging properties.

You can buy the product on Lazada.

Fun fact: Snail spas are quite popular in Thailand. During a spa session, live snails are placed on the person's face to slither around leaving trails of mucus.

3. Not just for eating, salmon eggs are apparently great for your face too.

Image via Rena Chan Le

This salmon egg face pack is said to contain salmon, rose, and seaweed extract believed to improve wrinkles. As tempting as it looks, refrain from eating it as they have other inedible ingredients inside.

You can find it on Lazada.

Image via Rena Chan Le

4. For the expressionless, this Smile maker just might give you a little personality

Image via Eugene Labadie

This tool is meant to be used as a mouth exerciser to help you correct your mouth shape and give you a brighter smile. Place the U-shape parts on each side of your mouth and bite onto the inner part of the silicone.

One user said, "I bought it because I have bells palsy, I have been using it for a week or so, so far I feel good, it's made of durable material, pretty easy to use, will recommend."

Image via Promise Phan

It could also be the perfect gift for people who suffer from RBF (resting b*itch face).

You can get it on Lazada or 11street.

5. If you're feeling more adventurous, try out this placenta anti-wrinkly serum

Image via lookfantastic

Yep, you heard that right. Placenta is said to be highly enriching. It revitalises and rejuvenates skin to give it a brighter and elastic-feel.

According to Elle, "this cream delivers the highest amount of nutrients directly to cells in order to stimulate skin renewal."

You can find the product on Lazada.

6. You've probably seen one of these bubble clay masks circling around on the Internet

Image via Sheri H

But if you haven't, here's a Korean blackhead removal mask that'll make you look like a cloud. Slather it onto your dry face and wait for a couple of minutes until bubbles start to appear.

Once you look like a swarm of bees have stung your face, use warm water to massage it into your face and wash the rest off after.

Some users have said that the crackling sound the mask makes when you press the bubbles down is oddly satisfying.

You can find the product on Lazada.

7. It'll be hard to keep a straight face with this hilarious rubber face slimmer believed to lift muscles and sagging skin

Image via Aliexpress

One customer said that it helped with her overbite. "It's amazing, I use it for just three minutes a day, as recommended, and my jaw muscles are not tight or achy anymore, and my mouth is shifting to a perfect alignment! I have only used this THREE times!"

Another customer said, "Although, you can actually feel your face muscles working, I didn't use it enough to actually see a noticeable difference. It's still is a great buy to me. Having my friends try it on was worth it just for the laughs in general."

Whether it's just for laughs or toning your face, you can find it on Lazada or 11street.

8. Not a fan of cosmetic surgery? See the world with bigger eyes with these double eyelid trainer glasses

Image via Ebay

For all my mono-lid Asian eyed friends, these "cheap and painless" double eyelid trainer glasses are meant to do exactly as its name - 'create' double eyelids.
Wear it like a pair of glasses for five minutes a day and as you blink, you apparently train your eyes to "look bigger". One reviewer shared from experience that if you're willing to be patient and consistent, this can make quite a difference.

You can get a pair from Lazada or 11street.

9. Using animal fat for beauty products is nothing new, including this horse oil

Image via Hermo

Plenty of other beauty products are made from animal fat ie. gelatin and lanolin.

Horse oil is said to be good for eczema, mild skin burns, and cuts. It contains Linolenic acid which is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and helps to maintain and repair the barrier of the skin.

You can find it on Hermo. Ironically, horse oil shampoo and conditioner also exist to tame your 'mane'. 

10. Milk products have always been known to be great for dry skin, like this donkey's milk cream

Image via Carousell

Donkey's milk is said to be most similar to human breast milk. It's also super hydrating and is said to have four times the vitamin C as cow's milk.

Fun fact: the great queen of Egypt, Cleopatra used to bathe in donkey's milk to maintain her beauty. Legend says that there should be no less than 700 donkeys to provide the quantity of milk needed for daily baths.

Still skeptical? Read this user's review on using donkey cream.

You can buy the product on Lazada or 11street.

11. If you've always wanted a sharper nose, this nose shape shifter tool may help with that

Image via Amazon

The package says to wear it for up to 15 minutes a day. According to this customer, it seemed to make a difference to her nose however, she said it takes time to get used to it.

The results were pretty obvious for this reviewer though.

You can find it on Lazada or Ezbuy.

12. Buckle up with this face lift strap made to reduce those double chins

Image via dhgate

The best part? It can be worn as you sleep, cook, clean, or even go about your errands... if you don't mind its 'fashionable look'.

Curious to find out if it's just a gimmick or if it truly works? Check out this video of a reviewer testing it out.

You can find it on Lazada or 11street.

Which one of these weird products would you try? Let us know!

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