Vogue Picks Best Sarongs For Summer And Some Of Them Look Really Familiar...

Pak ciks leading in fashion.

Cover image via Khaite & WORDS from SONOBE

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Sarong skirts have made a comeback just in time for summer. So, Vogue has listed some of its best choices.

Take a look at this one...

Image via Khaite
Image via Vogue

New York label Khaite calls this 'The Louie Skirt' and it's selling for a whopping USD980 (RM4,209.30). 

But we can't help but feel that it bears an uncanny resemblance to something pak ciks might have been wearing for years

Could they have been true trendsetters all this time? 

Perhaps fashion doesn't need to cost you a bomb and you can snag yourself a RM20 version from the pasar malam.

Another sarong on the list has also caught our attention

Image via Vogue

London-based clothing retailer MATCHESFASHION, which sells designer clothing such as Balenciaga, Gucci, and Prada, is offering this ensemble that looks very much like the batik print.

Its psychedelic-floral print is described as "reminiscent of 1960s motifs, evocative of the label's free-spirited aesthetic".


It's called 'Rhode Hannah floral-print ruched cotton mini skirt' and it retails for – wait for it – a mere USD265 (RM1,093).


Back in 2018, Zara also released a sarong for nearly RM400:

Well, since it's back in trend, here are homegrown online stores where you can find affordable kebaya and pareo skirts: