Volkswagen Is Giving Out 5-Year Maintenance For Those Who Buy A New VW. Why?

They're even throwing in a brand new car. Scroll below to find out how...

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If you're looking for a car at the moment, Volkswagen is having a special promotion just for the month of October

"What's so special about it anyway? What do I get?"

Firstly, you get a 5-year warranty...

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"Wahlao! So nice ah? What else?"

Oh, just the fact that you also get a 5-year Mobility Guarantee, which basically means you're covered for emergency roadside assistance, rain or shine, 365 days a year. Sweet huh?

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"Fuhhhhh. Like that also can ah? Hmm tell me more..."

Oh, just the fact that you get RM500 worth of petrol vouchers too?

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"True or not? Got so nice one ah?"

Yeah! Oh here's another cool thing. You get a 5-year road tax covered by us. For real. To top it up, we're even throwing in a 5-year free maintenance for your car.

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"Wah, so just buy Volkswagen and I get all these cool freebies ah? What else do I need to do?"

That's it really! Oh! One more thing, if you book a test drive now with us, you'll stand a chance to win a Scirocco. Want to know how to book? Find out here

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