This Platform Is Putting Local Talents On The Global Map, Starting With These Two M'sians

Known as Vuse Street Covers, this unique platform will be unearthing Malaysia's underground music and art scene.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Vuse Street Covers.

When it comes to music and art, most of us are exposed to whatever is mainstream and popular — unfortunately, we oftentimes miss out on discovering extraordinary talent right under our noses

In fact, you probably didn't know that Malaysia has a thriving underground music and art scene, which is just waiting to be unearthed.

That's where unique global platform Vuse Street Covers comes in, with the goal of uncovering local talent in music and art and putting them on the map.

The big idea behind Vuse Street Covers is to champion creativity and inspire talented individuals, who may still be lacking a platform

Vuse Street Covers provides these hidden talents the stage to not only share their craft, but also tell a story and demonstrate how thriving the underground music and art scene really is.

Staying true to its vision, Vuse Street Covers has now arrived in Malaysia, after successful launches in Dubai, Barcelona, Medellin, Johannesburg, and Liverpool.

For starters, Vuse Street Covers is collaborating with two rising stars — Zamaera (hip hop artist) and Lowkey (illustrator and graffiti artist) — to be Creative Champions for the platform in Malaysia

Image via 2 Cents

Zamaera is a 28-year-old rapper who's becoming one of the most prominent wordsmiths in Malaysia. A self-proclaimed perfectionist with a competitive spirit, her passion and desire is to prove that music is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender.

Breaking the mould of conventional rap, Zamaera will inspire through her music, in collaboration with Vuse Street Covers.

As for local illustrator and graffiti artist Lowkey, he stands out in the community, thanks to his dedication and unique approach to each project, fuelled by a meticulous planning process.

For Lowkey, it is not about the art, it is a cultural expression deeply rooted in hip hop, music, and street culture.

To celebrate the launch of Vuse Street Covers in Malaysia, the platform has released Portals to Inspiration with Zamaera and Lowkey, a music video that shows how these two talents find their muse

The music video brings viewers on a journey together with Zamaera and Lowkey, as they traverse throughout the city of Kuala Lumpur in search of artistic inspiration. From the streets to LRT stations, they discover art in the unlikeliest of places.

The song in the music video is written by Zamaera, and also features Lowkey in his element creating graffiti art. Watch the full music video here.

    Throughout the year, Malaysians can also look forward to Vuse Street Covers Hour, where you could get the chance to meet Zamaera and Lowkey in person

    Vuse Street Covers will come to life on-ground via Vuse Street Covers Hour in cafés, bars, and events all around the country. Not only will you get to meet Zamaera and Lowkey, you may even get the chance to see them performing their craft and learn about their creative process.

    Later in the year, Vuse Street Covers will even be selecting six talented Malaysians to be part of a music album, where they'll get to showcase their music and cover art.

    Vuse Street Covers will be gradually unveiling more exciting news throughout the year, so make sure you don't miss out!

    Keep up with all the updates on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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