These Stylish Trainers Come With A Bouncy Foam To Help You Run Faster And Longer

For sustainability enthusiasts, these shoes are made with bio-based material from renewable sources!

Cover image via ASICS

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If you're a runner, you know how important it is to have the right pair of running shoes

Beyond just looking stylish, the ideal pair of running shoes should provide comfort, durability, and support. The last thing you want is to end up with sore feet, blisters, or injuries that can ruin your running routine.

Still in the search for the right pair of running shoes? You might want to check out the new ASICS NOVABLAST 4 shoes!

Image via Runners World

The NOVABLAST 4 shoes are a pair of bouncy trainers that will make you run like never before. In fact, they're one of ASICS' most popular running shoes, and pack a tonne of innovative and sustainable features.

Here's a look at what sets the NOVABLAST 4 shoes apart:

1. They have a unique geometric design inspired by nature

Image via ASICS

The design is based on blooming plant life and Fibonacci spiral leaf patterns, which create a beautiful and harmonious look. You'll definitely stand out from the crowd with these shoes on your feet.

2. They use FF BLAST PLUS ECO cushioning, which is ASICS' energetic, bouncy foam

Image via ASICS

The foam is designed to help create a plush bouncy feeling and offer a smoother stride. The foam is made from approximately 24% bio-based material from renewable sources, such as leftover waste from sugar cane processing, meaning it not only benefits you, but also the planet.

Plus, this edition is the first NOVABLAST model to be CO2e labelled, providing transparency on ASICS' sustainability efforts. In fact, the CO2e emission of the NOVABLAST 4 shoe is 23% lower than the industry average*.

*Assessed using ASICS’ carbon footprint methodology version 1.1 and the most comprehensive reporting available for industry average running shoes, conducted by MIT (report).

3. The NOVABLAST 4 helps you run faster and longer

Image via ASICS

They have a midsole and outsole geometry that enhances the trampoline effect and creates a weightless bounce in every step. This means that both the heel striking zones and forefoot areas capture and return more energy — this generates a stronger rebound and helps you to run faster and longer.

4. The shoes are designed for comfort and fit with a one-piece woven upper (the part of the shoe that covers your foot) that is lightweight and breathable

Image via ASICS

The shoes also have a tongue wing construction that prevents the shoe tongue (the strip of material under your shoelaces) from sliding and improves the fit.

Additionally, the upper also features a stretchy construction with advanced comfort for daily running and races. You'll feel like the shoes are an extension of your body!

5. They have a new heel construction that provides stability and support, and a lower density AHAR LO outsole that offers durability and traction

Image via ASICS

The heel construction makes every step comfortable and full of support, while the outsole delivers exceptional durability in key areas.

Ready to start running faster and longer? Don't miss this chance to get the NOVABLAST 4 shoes for RM549!

Image via ASICS

You can get them at all ASICS retail outlets, online stores, and specialists running outlets in Malaysia. The NOVABLAST 4 shoes are not only a great choice for runners who want a fun and energetic experience, but also for those who care about the environment and want to elevate their style.

Grab your pair of NOVABLAST 4 shoes today and get ready to run like never before! Learn more about the shoes here.

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