Spruce Up Your Kitchen With This Sleek Water Purifier That Barely Takes Up Any Space

The water purifier also comes with a 180° body-spin function to dispense water from any angle.

Cover image via Wells Malaysia & iF Design Award

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Wells Malaysia. 

If you're looking for a sleek water purifier that doesn't take up too much kitchen space, you might want to consider getting the Wells The One water purifier

Image via Wells Malaysia

If you've not heard of Wells Malaysia, they are an award-winning water purification brand that aims to provide clean water for homeowners in a stylish manner. They take pride in offering products that are not just cutting-edge in design, but also multi-functional. 

Wells The One water purifier is one of Wells Malaysia's star products. Designed for home and office use, Wells The One is ultra small, measuring only 8.8cm in diameter. It sports a slim faucet design, with a filtration device attached to it under the counter.  

Compact yet functional, Wells The One boasts various handy features that are easy to use and offer convenience. The best part? Its premium design is sure to spruce up your kitchen.

Here are some features the Wells The One water purifier offers:

1. It dispenses six types of temperatures and four types of water volume with just a touch of a button

The smart water purifier's easy-to-use One-Wheel Touch lets you dispense water at your desired temperature and water volume.

Within the One-Wheel Touch is a 4cm Full Colour LCD screen that displays various temperature modes, such as coffee (85°C), tea (70°C), baby milk (50°C), body temperature (36.5°C), ambient (27°C), and cold (6°C).

You can also choose to dispense 120ml, 250ml, 550ml, or continuous water volume.

The screen also has the ability to switch between light and dark mode, whichever suits your liking.

2. It boasts a PIR sensor that automatically switches the water purifier on whenever it detects someone nearby

Wells The One is an energy-saving water purifier. Thanks to its PIR sensor, the water purifier can detect movement and automatically switch on to prepare itself to dispense water. 

No matter the time of day, the smart water purifier is always there to serve you.

3. It has a 180° body-spin function to dispense water from any angle

Thanks to the 180° body-spin function, Wells The One lets you rotate the faucet for easier water dispensing from any side of the counter. 

Adding to the convenience is the water purifier's multi tray, which lets you adjust the height of your tray to fit everything, from small cups to large cookware. 

4. It features a Smart Hygiene Care System that continuously treats the water you drink every day

Safe drinking water is of utmost importance to Wells. That's why the brand has equipped its water purifiers with a high quality cleaning system.

The Wells The One water purifier features two eight-inch filters, an H+ cartridge, super bio water pipes, and a self-automatic sterilisation system, all of which work together to provide safe drinking water. 

If the water purifier is left unused for 24 hours, its automatic water drainage system empties all water pipes and circulates new water. 

Plus, the smart water purifier has a filter change indicator to remind you of your next filter replacement.

All in all, the Wells The One water purifier not only spruces up your kitchen, but also offers everything a water purifier does in a small yet smart faucet

The best part? Wells Malaysia will be there for you in every step of your Wells lifestyle journey, from purchasing the water purifier to installing it and servicing it.

Wells offers various installation options depending on your kitchen environment and lifestyle. 

Head over to Wells Malaysia's website to learn more about the Wells The One water purifier today

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