Lazada M'sia Is Offering "Rental Boyfriends" For You To Bring 'Home' This CNY. For Real

All the single ladies, put your (shopping) fingers to work!

Cover image via Lazada Malaysia

Dear single ladies, are you dreading the inevitable "why no boyfriend yet" questions from your nosy relatives this coming CNY?

Well, let Lazada help you keep the kepoh aunties away. From 16 to 18 January, the online shopping site will be "auctioning" off some leng chais for Klang Valley shoppers to take 'home' this CNY!

Yep, we're doing "boyfriends for hire" for real now. 2k19 is off to a great start. :p

It's gonna be a rambang mata situation for you gals 'coz you'll have to choose from eight eligible bachelors - (clockwise from left) Eden See, Joseph Lee, Varhoon Vystra, Nigel Chin, Ilman Hakeem, Dennis Yin, Adery Chin, and Cyrus Yong.

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Now pay attention - you're gonna need some help from your family and friends to snag yourself a date 'coz this is no typical auction

In fact, we'd say it's sort of like a reverse auction.

The aim of the game is to "slash" the boys' prices from RM8,888 to RM0, so you'll need to invite your family members and friends to help you achieve the 48 slashes needed to score a date.

Eight lucky ladies will then get the opportunity to bring their preferred boyfriend 'home' and attend a reunion luncheon with senior citizens on 26 January.

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Most importantly, make sure you have the Lazada app downloaded into your phone as the "Slash It" event is exclusive to the app

The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Can't decide which hottie to go for? Here's a brief rundown of the leng chais' profiles to help you find Mr. Right:

1. Adery Chin Jia Wen, 26

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Height: 176 cm

Workout, Anime and Play Dota2

Favourite Quote: "Surpass yourself right here right now and smile."

2. Cyrus Yong, 31

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Height: 175 cm

Hobbies: Traveling

Favourite Quote: "Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest." 

3. Dennis Yin Zhen Huang, 30

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Height: 175cm

Hobbies: Dancing

Favourite Quote: "The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." - Confucius 

4. Eden See Yu, 24

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Height: 185cm

Hobbies: Socialising, gym and fitness

Favourite Quote: "I am whatever you need me to be." 

5. Muhammad Ilman Hakeem, 23

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Height: 178cm

Hobbies: Travelling

Favourite Quote: "A man will never shake another man's hands shaking down." 

6. Joseph Lee, 26

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Height: 190cm

Hobbies: Brazilian Jiujitsu, long walks on the beach, rewatching The Notebook, bringing my dates out to dance, cooking

Favourite Quote: "Joseph, when you getting married?" - Chinese New Year aunty

7. Nigel Chin, 27

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Height: 178cm

Hobbies: Sketching

Favourite Quote: "Smile and the world will smile with you."

8. Varhoon Vystra, 21

Image via Lazada Malaysia

Height: 184cm

Hobbies: Working out and playing the piano

Favourite Quote: "Work hard in silence and let success make noise."

Good luck "slashing", ladies!

Image via Giphy

In the meantime, here's a throwback to when the "rental boyfriends" concept first became a thing:

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, so it's time for a refresher on festive greetings to say when you're trying to get ang pow from your relatives:

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