Want To Keep Your Hair Gorgeous While On Holiday? Here Are 7 Hair Care Tips For Travelling

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Everybody loves going on holiday, where days are filled with sightseeing and fun excursions

One of the last things anyone wants to worry about while in vacay mode is bad hair days, especially when you need your tresses looking its best for all those vacation pics you plan on taking and posting on your social media feeds. 

But, in the midst of all that travel excitement, it's not uncommon to overlook your usual hair care routine (don't worry, we've all been there, hehe), leading to unwanted situations like dealing with greasy or lacklustre hair. 

In collaboration with Panasonic, we've prepared a handy list of tips to keep your hair in tip-top shape while on your trip:

1. Protect your hair from the sun

Did you know your hair can be damaged by harmful sun rays, just like your skin? According to literature reviews, excessive sun exposure is one of the most frequent causes of structural impairment in your hair shaft.

One way you can protect your head from the sun is to wear a hat or a scarf, as you spend time sightseeing outdoors. So, pack a couple of your favourite options to shield your hair from harsh UV rays; you'll lend a touch of style to your vacay outfit too!

To double up on sun care for your hair, you can also spritz some heat protecting spray, which usually protects from sun damage as well.

2. Keep your hair hydrated before and during your flight

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Between the long-haul flights, increased sun exposure, and potential contact with saltwater and chlorine, your hair can become dehydrated while travelling. This, of course, may lead to dry and brittle hair.

You can give your hair a boost of moisture the night before your flight by using a deep conditioning treatment or overnight hair mask.

Besides that, you can bring along a travel-size hydrating hair mist or leave-in conditioner in your personal bag, which will come in handy when your tresses are feeling a little dry during your flight.

3. Pack and use your own hair care products

Most accommodations nowadays provide toiletries for their guests. While little bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioners can look cute, it may be worth bringing your own products anyway.

On one hand, your hair can benefit from the nourishment of your usual products, and on the other, you can avoid any sensitivities or scalp allergies from using shampoo and conditioner with ingredients that aren't suitable for you.

4. Use a leave-in conditioner during beach or pool time

Going on holiday means swimming and other water-related activities are involved, be it at the pool or beach. However, things like chlorine and salt can dry out your hair, leaving them not only feeling straw-like, but also a tangled mess that's difficult to comb through.

So, if you plan on getting in the water, get your hair wet in the shower and apply some leave-in conditioner (regular conditioner works in a pinch too!) or nourishing hair oil before dipping in.

Post-swim, try to wash your hair as soon as possible to get rid of chlorine and saltwater, and use hydrating products to add moisture. You can also use advanced tools like Panasonic's nanoe™ & Double Mineral hair dryer to lock in moisture, reduce frizz, enhance shine, and prevent UV damage all at once.

5. Learn a couple of cute but practical hairstyles

Don't want to fret too much about your hair but still want to look effortlessly put together while on vacation? Look up a few hairstyles you like and try to get the hang of the steps prior to your trip.

You'd be surprised how a few strategically placed hair clips, braids, or twists can elevate your look. Mastering an easy French braid or sleek updo is good too. 

Plus, the hairstyles can help keep your hair away from your face and neck, great when you're out and about in hotter climates where you'll tend to sweat.

6. Use styling products and tools to help your look last longer

Since you likely won't be able to follow through with your usual at-home routine, you can try maintaining the look of a fresh blowout or updo as you go.

If you can go a few days without washing your hair, products like dry shampoo as well as styling products and tools can help quickly touch up your look, so packing them in your suitcase can be a good idea.

Just make sure the hair tools are lightweight and compact to carry with you, and you're set. 

7. Minimise frizz with overnight braids or buns

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If you're someone who wakes up with tangled or frizzy hair in the morning, putting your hair in a loose bun or overnight braids can prove to be a useful solution any day, but even more so while you're on holiday.

These hairstyles can help keep your hair secure and sleek as you sleep, and reduce friction between your hair strands. 

Another plus point is that you'll be able to wake up to heatless curls, perfect for spending less time getting ready in your hotel room, and more hours exploring your destination! 

Another way to keep your hair in tip-top shape while travelling is with a trusty hairdryer!

You can count on Panasonic's nanoe Hair Care Series Double Mineral Hair Dryer to reduce hair damage and split ends, while keeping your travel bag light, hehe.

Featuring patented nanoe technology, the advanced hair dryer offers you more than just a good hair day.

The moisturising technology, unique to Panasonic, contains around 1,000 times the moisture held by ions, and produces atomised water particles that penetrate deep into the hair to adjust water balance. The result? Shinier and smoother hair!

nanoe and Double Mineral Ions also prevent damage from brushing and protect from UV rays, as well as increase cuticle cohesion, which leaves the tips of your hair less prone to splitting.

Image via Panasonic

And the cool thing is, you can even use the hair dryer on your skin and scalp to add moisture and prevent dryness, as well as promote healthier sebum care :O

Panasonic's nanoe Hair Care Series Double Mineral Hair Dryer provides total care for hair, scalp, and face.

Designed to be user-friendly, it also offers a dust-resistant filter that can be easily wiped with a tissue, foldable handle for compact storage, and more!

Here are some features that make the beauty hair dryer stand out:

- Scalp Care mode gently dries the scalp with warm air while nanoe tech adds moisture, mitigating dryness that contributes to skin stress

- Skin Care mode, when used at the end of your drying session for about one minute, adds moisture to skin

- Hot/Cold Alternating mode automatically switches between hot air and cold air, giving hair a more lustrous look by approximately 40%*

- Intelligent Temperature Control mode accurately measures the surrounding air temperature and adjusts the airflow to a comfortable temperature for drying in any season

*After hair bundles were dried with a dryer while they were being brushed, their luster levels were measured while they were held in a curved position. This is a comparison of when the nanoe hair dryer was used with and without the Hot/Cold Alternating Mode. Effectiveness may vary among individuals.

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