7 Items To Help You Stay Cool In This Very 'Panas' Weather Lately

Just a few things to get you through this heatwave!

Cover image via Shopee & Shopee review

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The weather has been crazy hot recently, recording temperatures of up to 37°C on some days

On 12 May, the Ministry of Health recorded at least 14 heat-related illnesses. Several deaths due to heatstroke and dehydration have also occurred in recent weeks.

Last week, 17 May, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (METMalaysia) issued a level one hot weather alert for several areas in Malaysia.

Aside from staying hydrated and wearing appropriate attire, here are some things that might help you cope with this heat:

1. Ice pack | RM6 – RM8

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Usually used for swells and minor aches or cramps, an ice pack can be helpful to keep you cool throughout the day. Just fill it up with cold water or ice cubes and leave it on areas of your body, especially the back of your neck, ears, and feet. 

This ice pack comes in three sizes: 6in, 9in, and 11in.

You can buy it here.

2. Inflatable pool | RM84.99 – RM258.80

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Whether it's for your kids, pets, or even yourself, an inflatable pool can be a fun way to cool down when the heat is unbearable.

This inflatable pool comes in multiple sizes, and can be purchased with or without an electric pump. Check out the review photos to get an idea of the sizes.

You can get it here.

Image via IKEA
Image via IKEA
Image via IKEA

If you tend to feel extra hot at night while you sleep, try this cooling pad from IKEA. You can wrap it around your pillow, place it on your mattress, or even on a chair while you work or watch TV.

One review recommends putting it in a zip-lock bag and placing it in the fridge for an hour before using it. This would help the cooling effect last throughout the night and help you relax.

You can get it here or at any physical IKEA store. There's also a version for pets here.

4. Bamboo bedsheet | RM255 – RM280

Image via SAYS

Airy, cooling, and extremely soft, The Joey Bedsheet set is perfect for this heat. Made of bamboo fibre in the sateen weave, the material is lightweight and doesn't stick to your body or feel gross if you sweat. 

We recently tried it for ourselves to make sure it's legit and here's what we thought

You can get it 
here. A good alternative is the Raine bedsheet set you can buy from Hooga's physical outlets.

5. Hooga Pyjamas | RM59.90 – RM79.90

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Hooga has various pyjama sets in different styles that are ideal for hot weather. The material is breathable, making them super comfortable and soft. Trust us when we say, you'll be wanting to stay in these all day!

You can get it here and here, or at any physical Hooga store.
They also have pyjamas for men in-store.

6. Portable fan | RM35.90 – RM43.90

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

The size of a smartphone, this rechargeable handheld fan can be popped into your bag and brought along with you wherever you go. It comes with a micro-USB cable to recharge. 

According to the description, it takes about three to six hours to charge, which gives it a 12- to 30-hour run time. 

You can get it here.

7. Facial mist | RM19.12 – RM56.91

Image via Evian/Guardian
Image via Shopee

There are a variety of facial mists in pharmacies and online. They work to hydrate, refresh, and cool you down.

Here are some options you can check out:
Evian Mist Facial Spray (RM19.12)
innisfree Green Tea Mist (RM30) 
La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water (RM39.81 – RM56.91)

Stay hydrated and safe, everyone!

This hot weather may last until August:

Someone even fried an egg under the sun to prove how hot the weather has been:

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