Watch A Malaysian Busker Mesmerising An Adorable Group Of Music-Loving Kittens

Cute as hell, the video has good feels!

Cover image via Dunia Kucing/Facebook

All a street performer ever craves is an audience.

However, when a Malaysian busker performed in the streets of Pangkor, not many people stopped by to watch him sing.

Feeling upset, he stopped performing and sat down to relax.

While relaxing, he started singing again, this time just for fun - maybe even for himself!

Just then, four, three-month-old, kittens came to the spot he was sitting.

They sat in front of him, looking up at the long-haired man as he played his guitar.

Apparently, they seemed so enthralled by his performance that at one point it appeared as though their heads were bobbing along:

Image via Daily Mail

Filmed on video, the Malaysian artist's unusual 'concert' shows him bowing his head to the kittens for their 'show of support'. Watch:

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