Aunty Siow Wants You To Check Out These Amazing Deals You Can Get At Watsons This October

Stock up on your daily essentials and enjoy the best savings!

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This October, Watsons is bringing you their BIGGEST sale ever, and you absolutely don't want to miss out!

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All month long, Watsons will be having their Xtra OKtober sale, offering some of the best deals and discounts you can get. It's the perfect time to stock up on all your daily essentials, YAYYY! :D

Here's what you can look forward to at the Xtra OKtober sale:

Enjoy Xtra Savings with all kinds of purchase-with-purchase deals, vouchers, and 100,000,000 Watsons points up for grabs. WOOHOO!!

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Get ready for a shopping spree, 'cause everything you want or need will be on sale. Plus, with extra purchase-with-purchase deals up to 50% off, you can shop all you want and still save lots of money!

Do you need to restock your vitamins and supplements? Or are you thinking of trying out that new shampoo or makeup brand? With sooo much savings, no need to think so much, buy only lahh! :D

In collaboration with the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Malaysian YouTuber SoImJenn, Watsons also wants to remind women to "Boob Boob Check" every month ;P

Watch the full video below:

"Remember ah, every month you need to own self boob boob check, so you don't fall inside the booby trap ah!"

All jokes aside, this video is a good reminder to take the time to familiarise yourself with how your breasts normally look and feel. Together with regular medical check ups and mammograms, it can increase the odds of early detection and increase the chance of successful treatment.

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That's not all, you'll get to enjoy Xtra Savings with RM10 vouchers for your favourite brands like Biore, Blackmores, Cetaphil, Dettol, Dove, empro, Herbal Essences, Johnson's, L'Oréal, Maybelline, Detoxlim, Naturals, Nivea, Nutox, Olay, Oral-B, Pink, Pure Beauty, Rimmel, Safi, and Wardah.

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Download the vouchers here and flash it at the counter to redeem it.

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If you're a Watsons member, you get EVEN. MORE. REWARDS! :DDD

From 29 September to 26 October, Watsons is giving away up to 100,000,000 Watsons points to members. All you have to do is spend a minimum of RM50 to get free 1,000 points, worth RM5. With all the PWP deals + RM10 vouchers + Watsons points, you'll be saving lots of money, so don't miss out!

Not only that, you can get more exclusive deals just by flashing your Watsons card at these locations.

The great thing is that every time you spend, part of the proceeds will be donated to BCWA

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, Watsons will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the BCWA every time you purchase from participating brands.

Not only will you be getting the best deals, you'll be empowering Malaysians to become more educated about breast cancer, through regular checks and early detection. You can be part of the change, every little help goes a long way! :')

On top of that, Watsons members will get to enjoy Xtra Protection with free Prudential life insurance, inclusive of special COVID-19 coverage

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Here are the amazing benefits you'll get to enjoy immediately after signing up:
- Get FREE Prudential life insurance with special COVID-19 coverage
- Get 500 Watsons points upon activation
- Enjoy up to RM5,000 in reward vouchers

If you're not yet a Watsons member yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to their website to sign up for your membership online today!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Ready to shop and enjoy the best sales? Head over to your nearest Watsons or their online store to find out more about the sale!

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