7 Simple Ways To Stay Cool In The Heatwave Without Turning On Your Air Con

In Malaysia, it's always summer.

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1. Make sure your OOTD consists of light and loose cotton clothing

Now is definitely not the time to be constricting yourself with tight, figure-hugging clothes that's just going to stick to your body when you start sweating. Keep your clothes as loose and flowy as possible to allow for airflow to cool you down. Dressing in natural materials like cotton will also let your skin breathe more, and wearing light colours will help to naturally reflect the sun away from you.

2. Apply something cold to your pulse points

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Pulse points are specific areas of your body where your heartbeat can be felt. Because your blood vessels are closer to the skin at these specific points, applying something cold there will help your whole body to cool down faster. Try putting an ice pack or cold towel at the pulse points at your temples, neck, elbows, wrists, behind the knees, and feet.

3. Chill your skincare products before using them

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Store your favourite face/body lotions, gels, and creams in the fridge for an extra cooling boost when you apply them. You can also keep a spray bottle filled with water or a face mist in the fridge too and give yourself a refreshing spritz whenever you feel like you really can't tahan the heat.

4. Turn off and unplug appliances when you're not using them

If you're wondering why you've been feeling extra panas even while indoors, it could be because of your home appliances. When left idle or even when turned off, computers, TVs, and other appliances still generate and release quite a bit of heat. Avoid this by unplugging them when not in use. It'll help you save on your electricity bill too so it's a win-win!

5. Replace your light bulbs with ones that emit cool lighting

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The standard bulbs in most homes are usually incandescent ones that waste about 90% of their energy on emitting heat, which can significantly heat up a room. Replace them with either CFL (compact fluorescent lights) or LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs instead, which are both low-heat and are more efficient. However, they still do release some heat so you should also turn them off when not needed.

6. Be strategic with your use of fans

Maximize airflow by positioning table or stand fans in front of open windows so that the air from the fan will combine with the natural wind blowing in from outside to create an extra cooling cross breeze. If you'd rather keep your windows closed, place multiple fans in strategic locations throughout the room to achieve the same effect. You can also make a simple DIY air-cond by just placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan.

7. Adjust your diet accordingly

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You should be avoiding large, protein-rich meals. Metabolic heat is needed to break down food, so your body will warm up for a longer period of time if it's working to digest a big meal. Eating smaller portions or light, cold foods like salads, dairy, or frozen treats, can help to keep your body temperature down. Make sure you're also staying hydrated by drinking lots of water, but remember to stay away from caffeine and alcohol as they can act as diuretics and lead to dehydration.

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