[VIDEO] When Your Mother-In-Law Comes To Visit...

"They come so early I where got enough time to clean?!"

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Imagine this... you're spending a peaceful day sleeping in, when suddenly, you're awakened by a call from your in-laws!

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Ah Ling: "Hello...?"

Mother-in-law: "Hello... Ah Ling ah... we are reaching soon ah!"

Ah Ling: "HUH?!"

Your husband is at work, the house is in a mess, and they're almost at your place, AHHHH HOWWW?! Watch the video below to find out how to handle this crazy situation:

First things first, gotta make sure the living room is spotless!

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Ah Ling: "They come so early I where got enough time to clean?"

Then, it's time for the kitchen. If only those piles of dishes would wash themselves sighhhh.

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Ah Ling: "Why this Benjamin eat and drink already don't know how to wash one? Think I'm his maid ah?"

Omg absolutely cannot forget about the bathroom! Gotta make sure it's shining, shimmering, splendid. And it HAS to smell good.

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Ah Ling: "Wah! Why so smelly one? Ben... tonight you come home then you know!"

Haaaah, barulah you can impress your mother-in-law *thumbs up*

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Mother-in-law: "Wah... smells so good ah?!"

Father-in-law: "Crazy woman, say her business smell good."

Ah Ling: "No lah Pa! I think she meant the toilet smells good."

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