Dunno Where To Eat? Try These Top-Rated Places In Klang Valley Based On Real Reviews

All with 5-Star ratings on GrabFood, save this list so you don't need to waste time searching for good eats. :P

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From where to go to what to eat, we can sometimes get a little indecisive, especially with all the good food that the Klang Valley has to offer

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Plus, as a nation of foodies, we sure won't settle for subpar quality when it comes to our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the other mini meals we have in between, regardless of how fast-paced everyday life can get, hehehe. Hands up if you're guilty as charged. :P

Dunno what to eat, but still want to enjoy good food? This is where genuine food reviews from other Malaysians really come in handy to not only help us locate satisfying grub, but allow us to save time (and money) in the process too.

So, why not follow the stars for the best local eats! Rated by millions of food lovers.

In partnership with GrabFood, we've compiled a list of certified 5-Star restaurants in the Klang Valley with yummy nasi lemak, coffee, and burgers.

Why these three specifically? 'Cause they're among the most ordered food on GrabFood!

First up, nasi lemak! For a gratifying quintessential Malaysian meal, you can never go wrong with a serving of piping fresh nasi lemak, mmmm.

In fact, according to data from GrabFood, nasi lemak is the number one popular food ordered on GrabFood in Malaysia, be it for breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner, or even supper! :O

Here are three of the top picks:

1. Village Park Restaurant

Village Park's nasi lemak certainly needs no introduction. Located in Damansara Uptown in PJ, the restaurant serves several variations of the dish, from Nasi Lemak Kerang to Nasi Lemak Daging. However, the most popular will have to be its Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng, which is served with a massive L-shaped fried chicken leg.  

Featuring a sweet and spicy sambal, as well as fragrant coconut milk-infused rice as its base, Village Park's nasi lemak won't disappoint — as attested by the rave reviews the dish has garnered. It's not uncommon to see long lines of people waiting to get a taste, but luckily, you can easily order it via GrabFood! ;)

Order from Village Park Restaurant on GrabFood here. 

2. Charlie's Cafe & Bakery

Located in Taman Bukit Desa, KL, this local spot has been dishing out scrumptious nasi lemak since 2015. It also serves a variety of homemade cakes, pastry, and snacks, such as scones and keropok ube, in addition to other hot dishes like Sarawak laksa and more.

But of course, its must-try dish is nasi lemak! Its signature dish, called Charlie's steamed nasi lemak with boneless fried chicken chop, comes with marinated chicken, a perfect pairing with soft, fluffy rice, acar, sambal, and a lovely fried egg, yum!

Order from Charlie's Cafe & Bakery on GrabFood here.

3. Madam Kwan's

Whether it's for an early work lunch or weekend breakfast, Madam Kwan's delicious nasi lemak is not only flavourful but also comes in massive portion sizes, perfect for getting value for your money. Known for churning out countless Malaysian classics, reviewers often rate its nasi lemak highly thanks to generous servings of creamy coconutty rice, with either curry chicken or beef rendang.

Sambal ikan bilis, shrimp floss, hard boiled egg, acar, and sliced cucumber complete the local dish.

Order from Madam Kwan's on GrabFood here

Next up, coffee! With all the hustle and bustle of city life, a quick caffeine fix is a wonderful pick-me-up to boost your day.

Here are three of the top picks:

1. Bungkus Kaw Kaw

This place is a popular choice with folks in the Klang Valley for a reason. Besides offering a whole menu of signature drinks, teh, kopi, and herbal teas, Bungkus Kaw Kaw can easily be recognised by its old-school packaging.

For coffee lovers, don't miss out on its kopi C, cham C, or cham cincau — a mixture of coffee, tea, and grass jelly.

Order from Bungkus Kaw Kaw on GrabFood here.

2. Gigi Coffee

Having a slow day at work? Just get any of Gigi Coffee's yummy coffees delivered to your office! The place sells inventive drinks you probably wouldn't see on other menus, which includes its custard lattes, pink Friday strawberry latte, pecan praline cafe, and sooo many more.

And, they have plant-based options, such as the chocolate fudge oat latte, as well as non-coffee based drinks like its caramilk latte. If you like your java plain and simple, you can't go wrong by ordering its espresso, americano, or cafe lattes.

Order from Gigi Coffee on GrabFood here.

3. Bean Brothers

True coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the quality and effort that goes into each cup of bean juice from this specialty coffee company. From espresso and seasonal single origin beans for machine and pour over, it takes pride in having a deep understanding and uncompromising craftmanship in its pursuit of good coffee. 

So, schedule in some me-time and order yourself a white coffee, cold brew, or mocha, for a blissful cup of joy.

Order from Bean Brothers on GrabFood here.

And, finally, you have burgers — great for quick, easy, and crowd-pleasing orders for weekday or weekend dinners

Here are three of the top picks:


As its name suggests, FOWLBOYS serves up some of the best fried chicken sandwiches in town. Reviewers often rave about its OG burger, which features a thick patty of southern-style fried chicken thighs, pickled jalapeno, and fluffy potato buns.

It also has other kickass burgers on the menu like Motherclucker — a buttermilk fried chicken thigh topped with garlic mayo, fowl jam, and jalapeno slaw, as well as the Double O.G. which has not one, but two juicy buttermilk fried chicken thighs, mmmm!

Order from FOWLBOYS on GrabFood here.

2. The BRGR

The menu over at The BRGR is filled with mouthwatering burgers that are not your typical varieties, so whether you want to have a hearty meal or light dinner, you know you have delicious options.

Don't know what to order? Check out the must-try and popular signature UFO fried sotong burger, which features crispy squid, a fried chicken or beef patty, and a whole lot of cheesy goodness. Talk about a mouthful!

Order from The BRGR on GrabFood here.

3. Butter Burgers

Premium-cut meat and freshly baked brioche buns and butter, as well as house-made sauces are what you can expect to find at Butter Burgers. Plus, all orders are freshly prepared as they come in, so you can tuck into a hot delicious dinner when your food delivery arrives.

From the ultimate American cheeseburger and Swiss onion truffled chicken burger to the juicy Lucy — a cheddar cheese-stuffed patty with pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, Carolina mustard bbq, and BB secret aioli — prepared to be amazed by its tasty variety.

Order from Butter Burgers on GrabFood here.

If you're hungry and don't know what to eat, why not try one of these options on the list, they are after all vetted by other Malaysian foodies on GrabFood!

Besides nasi lemak, coffee, and burgers, you can also open your GrabFood app, and tap on 'Must-Try Restaurants' to find all the top-rated food near you!

Pssst, don't forget to leave your reviews from whichever restaurant you order from on GrabFood, so that others like you can enjoy scrumptious delights too, hehehe. ;)

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