Gong Cha Singapore Releases Ketchup-Flavoured Boba In Collaboration With Heinz

Even the packaging looks like authentic Heinz ketchup bottles!

Cover image via @gongchasgofficial (Instagram)

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From boba milk tea on pizzas to croissants, Taiwanese drink franchise Gong Cha may have just topped themselves with a brand new release

In collaboration with the Singaporean branch of American food processing company, Heinz, Gong Cha Singapore has just released their latest flavours of boba milk tea, and its rather unusual range has caused a stir among Southeast Asians.

That's right, Gong Cha has released a Tomato BBT line, ketchup-flavoured bubble tea.

Official promotional poster of the Tomato BBT series.

Image via @gongchasgofficial (Instagram)

Announced on 28 September, there are two new flavours, and they're packaged in authentic Heinz-looking bottles

"When Ketchup meets Bubble Tea - two iconic foods of our time come together to bring you a whole new flavour experience!" read a promotional post by the brand on their Facebook and Instagram page.

The two flavours are referred to as Pomato Bomb, which consists of tomatoes, pears, and pomegranates, and Berry Mary, which is made of tomatoes and raspberries.

Both bottles retail for SGD7.80 (approximately RM25), and are only available in limited quantities.

Reactions from the public have been rather mixed, with some Singaporeans finding the drink intriguing, while others won't go anywhere near it

A fair share of people were excited, having alluded to the bubble tea tasting nice, while others expressed their intention to try it soon.

Image via Facebook

However, a few people weren't impressed by the creation. "It's a hard pass for me," wrote one responder.

Image via Facebook

One person even accused Gong Cha Singapore of releasing these ketchup-flavoured bubble tea as a PR move, just to snag attention from the press.

Nevertheless, another person cheekily suggested they release a mustard-flavoured bubble tea to accompany this one in the future.

Malaysia is waiting, Gong Cha.

Read the full release below:

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