KFC Korea Releases Mint Chocolate Dipping Sauce... For Their Fried Chicken. Umm Thoughts?

Is it 'mint' to be?

Cover image via Moumita Panday/Canva & KFC Korea

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KFC is well known for its delicious fried chicken, which is paired best with their dipping sauces

From the Chimichurri sauce in Malaysia to the Classic Ranch in America, KFC sauces are well-loved by their customers. However, they haven't launched a sauce that warrants a double take… until now.

KFC Korea decided to take the sauce game one step further and release a mint chocolate dipping sauce

The sauce was released in collaboration with top South Korean delivery service, Baemin.

KFC Korea is now offering the new sauce in all South Korean KFC establishments except for Lotte World, Everland, Baseball Field, and Bears Town.

Image via KFC Korea

The sauce is going to taste exactly how you imagined it would

KFC Korea describes the sauce as a combination of the "refreshing taste of dark sweet chocolate and mint". Now imagine that flavour profile mixed with the taste of fried chicken.

There are also two types of meal packs customers can order that include this sauce to enjoy with other signature KFC menu items:

1. I am Minchodan Pack
KRW14,900 (RM50.50)

Zinger Burger + Black Label Chicken 2 + Cajun Fry + Coleslaw + Coke + Mint Chocolate Dipping Sauce

2. Mincho is the first easy pack
KRW17,900 (RM60.60)

Tower Burger + Twister + Black Label Chicken 2 + Tender 2 + Coleslaw + Mint Chocolate Dipping Sauce

These seasonal menu packs will be available from 12 July to 8 August.

Apparently, KFC is jumping at the chance to capitalise on the mint chocolate craze that has taken South Korea by storm

Although the source of the craze is debatable, the minty flavour was pushed further into mainstream popularity by K-pop celebrities.

Big names, such as Jungkook and J-Hope from BTS, passionately profess their love for the flavour. Famous singer-actress IU, is also pro-mint chocolate, according to Soompi.

Jungkook and J-Hope of BTS declaring their love for the flavour on V Live’s “Run BTS!”

Image via Soompi

The mint chocolate craze has also sparked many South Korean mukbangers to feature mint chocolate-themed videos on their channels, further rocketing the flavour into the spotlight.

Further proving South Korea's love for mint chocolate sauce, Korean netizens are HYPED for this new release

On the KFC Korea Instagram page, many South Koreans have professed their excitement for the mint chocolate sauce whilst others have given their share of suggestions on what KFC menu item they would pair the sauce with.  

Some said they want to try it with KFC's Black Label chicken. Others really want to try the sauce with KFC's biscuits that are available in South Korea. 

Image via Instagram

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