Malaysians Share Some Of Their Weirdest But Most Delicious Food Combinations

Keropok ikan and teh, anyone?

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1. Cucur Udang + Chili Sauce + Honey

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"Gaiis if you haven't tried this, it's the bomb. The sweetness from the honey balances out the salty cucur and the spicy vinegary chili sauce. OMG just thinking about it is making my mouth water."

- Fionaa

2. Keropok Ikan + Teh

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"If you've never dipped keropok into teh before, it's the best thing ever."

"First, you'll hear a sizzle when you dip the keropok into the tea. Then, you'll get to bite into the crispy, yet slightly soaked texture, with a hint of sweetness from the tea... Mmm so good!"

- Arisha

3. Cold Pasta + Potato Chips

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"My mum used to add crushed potato chips to her cold tuna pasta, and it tasted ah-ma-zinggg. As kids, my siblings and I would always fight to scoop out as much potato chips as we could."

- Sally

4. White Rice + Watermelon

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"Watermelon and rice is so good together! I'm serious. It started because at kenduris, you always take fruit with your lauk at the buffet. All in one plate. Then you just eat everything together. The juicy, sweet watermelon on top of that hot nasi berlauk. Gais, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT."

- Ihsan

5. Instant Noodles + Bread

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"Some nights when I finish work late and feel like having a guilty pleasure, I'll cook up some dry instant noodles and stack it between two slices of bread. Then, I'll chow down all my stress and worries away."

- Jonathan

6. Red Bean Soup + Cream Crackers

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Image via orange 陈慧恬 (Facebook)

"Whenever my grandma made red bean soup, I would eat it with a few cream crackers. Sometimes, I'd scoop out the red bean onto the cracker, or If I was lazy, I'd just break the crackers into the soup."

- Jia Xiang

7. French Fries + Chocolate Sauce

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"I always get cravings for french fries and chocolate sauce. Whenever that happens, I'll go out and tapao a big pack of french fries and come home to pour chocolate sauce all over it. Sooo sinful, but sooo good."


8. Kaya + Butter + Peanut Butter + Cheese Toast

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Image via Amazin' Graze

"When I have free time to make breakfast, I like to toast bread and spread a generous portion of butter, kaya, and peanut butter on it, topping it off with a slice of cheese. Mmmm, then dip it into soft boiled eggs, yasss!"

- Sara

9. Serunding + Ice Cream

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"Whether I'm having a good day or a bad day, this dessert will never fail to lift up my mood. The saltiness and texture of the serunding just goes so well with the creaminess of ice cream."

- Andy

As Malaysians, we just love to #KasiCampur and explore all kinds of crazy food combinations. That's how we come up with some of our best food creations.

From colourful roti canai and nasi lemak ice cream, to pisang goreng cheese chocolate and strawberry sambal, Malaysians have discovered lots of creative food combinations that actually work.

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