Chocolate Ice Cream With Lingham's Extra Hot Chilli Sauce Is Now Available In Malaysia

7CAFé released the new flavour this week for a limited time.

Cover image via Lingham's , @7elevenmalaysia (Instagram) , Danial Martinus/Mashable SEA

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Sweet and savoury often pair well together, as the savouriness brings out the sweet flavours.

But what happens when you mix cool and hot sensations together?

Image via GIPHY

7-Eleven Malaysia has just released a new ice cream... and it's called the Flaming Choco Soft Serve!

It's chocolate ice cream with Lingham's Extra Hot Chilli Sauce swirled in, giving a spicy kick to the sweetness of the cold, chocolate soft serve.

According to Mashable's writer Danial, the ice cream doesn't really look like the photos as the chilli sauce appears to be mixed into the soft serve. But don't be fooled because it actually "burns your throat".

A cold snack with a fiery aftertaste? Deceptive and perfect for risk-takers.

If you dare try it, the ice cream is available for RM2.90 at all 7CAFé outlets in Malaysia for a limited time

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