Did You Know: Baby Carrots Aren't Actually Baby Carrots

The success story behind how one guy boosted carrot sales.

Cover image via Jesmond Fruit Barn & Good Durian

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You might think baby carrots were made for snacking. But there's actually another reason why they were created.

It all started with one farmer by the name of Mike Yurosek from California.

In the 1980s, Yurosek noticed that many of his carrots were rejected by stores because they weren't the "perfect shape or size". 

Throwing these "ugly, imperfect" carrots away seemed wasteful, so he came up with an ingenious idea

Image via DeviantArt

He repurposed a bean-cutting machine to chop these misshapen carrots into bite-sized pieces.

But during taste tests, people preferred these carrot chunks as a snack rather than for cooking.

Yurosek then decided to refine his process by creating smoother and more appealing versions, which eventually led to the creation of what we now know as baby carrots

They were sold under the brand name 'Bunny-Luv' (later acquired by Grimmway Farms).

Image via Good Durian

This innovative solution not only minimised waste, but also transformed carrots into a convenient and appealing snack option

As soon as baby carrots hit stores during the '90s, carrot consumption more than doubled.

In fact, they've become such a hit that around 70% of carrot sales in the US today are said to be baby carrots.

They helped people eat more carrots while also reducing waste for farmers. Win-win!

You can watch how baby carrots are made here:

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