List Of States In Malaysia With Airports You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Did you know Singaporeans can fly directly to Ipoh?

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Did you know Malaysia has a wholeeeee lotta airports?

According to the Transport Ministry, Malaysia has six international airports, 16 domestic, and 18 airport aerodromes (short take off landing ports - STOLports)! :O

Image via Harian Metro

Here's a list of all the states in Malaysia with airports, which you may or may not have known about:

1. Johor

- Senai International Airport (International Airport)

Fun fact: Senai International Airport has the third longest runway in Malaysia, measuring 3.8km. It is surpassed only by Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Langkawi International Airport.

Image via Skytrax

2. Kedah

- Langkawi International Airport (International Airport)
- Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Alor Setar (Local Airport)

3. Kelantan

- Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Kota Bharu (Local Airport)

Image via Business Today

4. Melaka

- Melaka International Airport (Local Airport)

According to The Straits Times, commercial flights are currently stopped.

5. Pahang

- Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport in Kuantan (Local Airport)
- Tioman Airport (STOLport​​​​​​​​)

Fun facts: Tioman is said to be one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Pilots making this trip need to head towards surrounding mountains, execute a sharp 90-degree turn to line up with the runway, and then quickly land safely.

The Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport also houses the 6th Squadron and 19th Squadron of the Royal Malaysian Air Force. 

6. Penang

- Penang International Airport (International Airport)

Fun fact: Penang is the third busiest airport in Malaysia, followed by Kota Kinabalu International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It can handle up to 6.5 million passengers a year!

7. Perak

- Sultan Azlan Shah Airport in Ipoh (Local Airport)
- Pangkor Airport (STOLport)

Fun fact: There are flights to and from Ipoh and Singapore.

8. Sabah

- Kota Kinabalu International Airport (International Airport)
- Sandakan Airport (Local Airport)
- Tawau Airport (Local Airport)
- Kudat Airport (Local / STOLport)
- Long Pasia Airport (STOLport)
- Semporna Airport (STOLport)
- Lahad Datu Airport (Local Airport)
- Labuan Airport (Local Airport)

Fun facts: Sandakan Airport has historical significance as it played a role in World War II. During the war, Sandakan was the site of a prisoner of war (POW) camp.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport was formerly known as Jesselton Airfield during World War II. It is the second busiest airport in Malaysia after KL International Airport.

9. Sarawak

- Kuching International Airport (International Airport)
- Miri Airport (Local Airport)
- Sibu Airport (Local Airport)
- Mulu Airport (Local Airport)
- Limbang Airport (Local Airport)
- Mukah Airport (STOLport)
- Kapit Airport (STOLport)
- Bario Airport (STOLport)
- Long Lellang Airport (STOLport)
- Long Semado Airport (STOLport)
- Long Banga Airport (STOLport)
- Long Akah Airport (STOLport)
- Ba'kelalan Airport (STOLport)
- Long Seridan Airport (STOLport)
- Lawas Airport (STOLport)
- Marudi Airport (STOLport)
- Belaga Airport (STOLport) - According to, this airport is no longer in operation.

Fun fact: Many STOLports operate on a corporate responsibility basis, ensuring transportation connectivity and basic needs for people in rural or remote areas.

Image via FMT

10. Selangor

- Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 1 and 2 (International Airport)
- Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport - formerly Subang International Airport (Local Airport)

Fun fact: Subang Airport not only caters to domestic destinations in Malaysia but also serves as a gateway to various regional destinations in Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

11. Terengganu

- Sultan Mahmud Airport in Kuala Terengganu (Local Airport)
- Redang Airport (STOLport)

Negeri Sembilan and Perlis have no airports

Negeri Sembilan: The nearest airports are Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 1 and 2.

Perlis: The nearest airports are in Kedah and Penang.

If you need to get to Singapore, there's a bus from Johor Bahru with timings that run past 12am:

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