7 Reasons Why Raya In Malaysia Isn't The Same Anywhere Else

Nothing beats celebrating Raya at home.

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1. The countless number of Ramadan bazaars throughout the whole month

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You don't mess with Malaysians when it comes to food. On the days leading up to Raya, there's going to be at least one Ramadan bazaar in your vicinity for every day of the week. Let's just talk about how ingenious the bazaar is. Gather all the most heavenly, enticing and yummy foods into one place? Yes, please. Stuffing your face with mouth-watering, sweet and savoury goodness could not be any more convenient. There's bound to be something for everyone and you can bet to get whatever your heart desires. And a little bit more.

2. If that's not enough, there's also loads of buffets available

Sometimes, we just love a little challenge like test the limits of how much food we can fit into our stomachs. Ramadhan buffets are definitely something to look forward to, especially in the Klang Valley area. Each year, more restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon, going the lengths to prepare more extravagant, specialty dishes and are pulling out all the stops for their buffets. This just gives us all the more reason to be excited. What can we say, Malaysians and buffets are a match made in heaven.

3. Raya open houses are like 1Malaysia gatherings

Nothing beats the atmosphere of a jovial and festive Raya open house. Fellow Malaysians (and sometimes non-Malaysians as well) of all races coming together and enjoying the company of each other and good food. It's a good way to practice sharing and giving, and see that the spirit of muhibbah is alive and well. No wonder it's a much-loved tradition amongst Malaysians.

4. Everyone knows the iconic Selamat Hari Raya song by Saloma

Don't even lie, you know at the very least the melody, if not the full lyrics to this song. Now is time to make full use of it. Record yourself singing a verse or two from the song, upload it into your social media pages with the hashtag #SalomaHariRaya and you can win up to RM1,000! All participants are welcomed. Sounds like an awesome way to get your duit raya, if you ask us. Better get recording now, submission ends on 31st July 2015. All the info you need HERE.

5. The tradition of emotional, heartwarming Raya video ads every year

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It's a good Raya ad if it makes you laugh or cry. It's an even better Raya ad if it can make you do BOTH. Whether it's a tearjerker, or incredibly silly and funny, Raya in Malaysia is not complete without the video ads. We of course, have the late Yasmin Ahmad to thank for starting the tradition and setting the standard.

6. Our celebration that happens all month long... and a bit more

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Nobody knows how to celebrate festivities like Malaysians do and let's just say we go all out. Weeks before Raya hits, malls are already putting up decorations and offering all kinds of sales and promotions. But the celebration doesn't just stop there. It continues on even after everyone is back from their Raya public holiday. Because, why not?

7. Two words. Yusuf Taiyoob.

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You know Raya is coming when the iconic gentle whisper of "Yusuf Taiyoob" starts flooding the radio stations, malls, Internet, and you accept it as a part of your daily life for the next few weeks. It has become synonymous to Raya and the thing that many Malaysians secretly look forward to. You joke and poke fun at it, but you know deep down in your heart that Raya will not be the same without the soft, hushed whisper of those two magical words.

This is why nothing truly compares to celebrating Raya in our beloved Malaysia!

This Raya when everyone else has balik kampung and you're bored out of your mind... Don't worry, friend. This is just for you: