These 23 Breathtaking Photos Will Make You Want To Visit Iceland In 2017

The rich nature of the country makes it appear outworldly.

Cover image via Max Rive

From Kuala Lumpur to Iceland, it's a journey of about 24 hours. This incredibly beautiful country is filled with roaring volcanoes, deep fjords, sharp mountains and glaciers.

And like its rich nature, Iceland is quite expensive. So save up before you go there and once there, try staying in tents or do couchsurfing. It's much cheaper than hotels.

How expensive is Iceland, you ask? Well, a typical meal costs around USD40.

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the most incredible and breathtaking photos from the country for you to gaze at and make up your mind about making Iceland one of your #TravelGoals in 2017. :)

1. A lonely sheep in Iceland

2. Dc-3 Plane Wreckage

This abandoned plane has been sitting on the black sand beach, near Vik, since 1973. If you like abandoned sites, here's a detailed guide to how you can reach there.

3. Aurora Borealis near a church

Image via Wim Denijs

4. Wild Arctic Fox

Image via Einar Gudmann

5. Projection of a volcano in the river

Image via Andre Ermolaev

6. Crater Rust

7. Litlanesfoss

8. Hofskirkja

Image via Menno Schaefer

9. Landmannalaugar

Image via Max Rive

10. A modern version of a traditional Icelandic turf house

11. Glacial River In Iceland

Image via Andre Ermolaev

12. Rainbow over Kirkufell

Image via Peter Hammer

13. Jokulsarlon

Image via Milko Marchetti

14. Horseback Riders at Vestrahorn

Image via Chris Burkard

15. Dyrhólaós estuary seen from Loftsalahellir Cave

16. Foggy Mountains

17. Lost in Lupines

18. Fjadrargljufur

19. Blue Lagoon

20. Seljalandsfoss

Image via hdfreefoto

21. Ice Cave in Vatnajokull

22. Viti Crater

Image via Andre Ermolaev

22. Dyrhólaey

23. Arctic Fox

Still not convinced? Well, maybe this will help:

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