Share What You Drive For And Win Exclusive Ferrari Merchandise From Shell Helix

25 awesome prizes up for grabs!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Shell Helix Motor Oils.

Are you that person in your group of friends who really enjoys driving?

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Driving is like a hobby for you.

You actually love driving long distance - like to Ipoh and Port Dickson - especially when the roads are wide and clear. You also enjoy driving up Cameron Highlands because the road is challenging, and the view is beautiful.

Shell Helix is looking for people who are passionate about driving to share their stories in their #IDriveFor contest

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We all have something in us that's behind our acts of passion and perseverance. What do you drive for? Do you drive for work, to challenge yourself, or to clear your mind?

You might already be posting stories like this on your Instagram accounts

For some of us who are already actively Instagramming photos with meaningful captions, it's really not a bad idea to win something and inspire even more people now.

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The 25 most creative posts chosen by Shell Helix will win exclusive merchandise

You'll win a Scuderia Ferrari backpack if Shell Helix chooses your post!

And you're free to post as many entries as you want

There's no limit to how many different types of entries you can submit, but you can only win once. Fair enough!

Shell Helix will select the 25 most creative entries at the end of the contest period that satisfy the steps at the end of this story.

Here's how you can take part. It's really, really easy:

Step 1: Snap a photo or video showing what you drive for. Tip: it could be something that inspires you or makes you go the extra mile!

Step 2: Upload your picture or video on Instagram or Facebook with a caption to share "what do you drive for". Hashtag #IDriveFor #ShellHelix #ShellMY.

Step 3: That's it! The top 25 most creative submissions will win exclusive Ferrari merchandise! Just check back in after the contest period to see if you've won.

Remember to make your post public so Shell Helix can view your entry, and you need to submit it by 31 October 2017. So don't wait, share what you drive for on Instagram or Facebook now!

An important thing to note: the contest will be running from 1 October to 31 October 2017 only so don't miss out

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Find out more about Shell Helix's #IDriveFor contest here

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Terms and Conditions apply.

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