Ladies, Watsons Is Celebrating You With Health Talks, A Fitness Challenge & So Much More

They're also offering 30% off on an assortment of women's health products and special health checks!

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Ladies, if you've been looking for a way to be more active and health-conscious, Watsons has got your back!

The well-loved brand has always championed the health and well-being of all Malaysians through their Watsons GetActive initiatives, and this month, they're focusing specifically on women.

As part of this, they've partnered with two experts—Dr Premitha, a Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as Nadia, a fitness coach.

Together with Watsons, these two women will be bringing you all kinds of exciting health-related content and activities.

First up, you've definitely gotta check out Dr. Premita's informative GetActive Expert Tips video series

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She will be sharing about a woman's health journey, from one's teenage years to adulthood, followed by common concerns about ageing.

Did you know that every woman goes through three to four important stages in life? This includes puberty, conceiving and pregnancy, middle age, and menopause. Each stage is crucial in a woman's life, and has different nutritional needs.

It's important to know how to meet all these needs, as this will ensure that you are at your optimal health, so you can achieve more in life and care for your loved ones. Learn how to do just that from Dr. Premita.

Check out some of the episodes below:

Episode 1 - Understanding Teenagers' Concerns
As teenage girls go through hormonal changes during this time, they commonly experience things such as irregular periods and PMS symptoms. How can they embrace this stage of life mentally and physically?

Episode 2 - Journey to Adulthood
During adulthood, it's crucial to ensure our body is in good condition to prepare it for carrying new life. What nutrients are important during this period?

Episode 3 - Living Gracefully After Age 45
After the age of 45, most women start to develop dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and even pigmentation. Is there anything we can take as a supplementation to slow down this process?

Next, fitness coach Nadia will be leading the GetActive 21 days fitness challenge

As GetActive focuses on exercise as the core foundation for a healthy lifestyle, the challenge involves following three fitness videos for 21 days (seven days per video). Targeting women's most common concerns about their body, each video showcases a different simple exercise you can do at home.

Here are the GetActive 21 days fitness challenge videos:

Episode 1 - Let's trim up your belly fats
As the name suggests, belly fat is stored fat around your waist. Excess belly fat can have a negative impact on your health, so check out these exercises to burn it up.

Episode 2 - Say goodbye to 'bye bye arms'
'Bye bye arms' refer to how the fat on your arm appears to flap in a waving manner when you wave hello or goodbye. Follow these exercises for nicely toned arms that'll have you looking fit and feeling confident.

Episode 3 - Reduce water retention
When you exercise, your body sweats out extra water, causing your water weight to drop immediately after working out. These exercises will help you reduce water retention.

Additionally, Watsons is also having some special promos just for ladies, yaaaaas!

Image via Watsons

Enjoy great savings of up to 30% on a variety of women's health products. Visit your nearest Watsons outlet or check out their online store to grab all the women's health products that suit your needs!

Plus, you can also get a women's health check at all Watsons Pharmacy stores. You'll even receive a special women's health consultations health card with interactive communication that'll help you uncover your health concerns and what is the best solution.

Thanks for looking out for all the ladies, Watsons! <3

Make sure to watch Dr Premita's series, take part in the GetActive 21 days fitness challenge with Nadia, and drop by Watsons to stock up on women's health essentials and get a special health check!

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